The Beauty Chef Well Spray (30ml) Oil The Beauty Chef
The Beauty Chef Well Spray (30ml) Oil The Beauty Chef
The Beauty Chef Well Spray (30ml) Oil The Beauty Chef
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The Beauty Chef Well Spray (30ml)

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    The Beauty Chef Well Spray is a probiotic mouth spray with superfoods and medicinal herbs to nourish skin, digestion and wellbeing while you’re on the go. With selenium, which supports your immune system and protects against free radical damage, and biotin for maintenance of healthy hair.


    Glycerol, lactic acid base*, calendula flower liquid extract* (6%), water, sage leaf liquid extract* (3%), elderberry fruit juice extract* (2%), peppermint oil* (0.5%), olive leaf extract* (0.4%), natural flavours (peppermint, lemon), clove bud oil, pomegranate seed liquid extract* (0.02%), selenomethionine, biotin.

    *Fermented ingredients.

    Contains 5.4% alcohol.


    Take 12 sprays (1.2mL) orally per day - 4 sprays, 3 times daily.

    Enjoy up to 20 sprays (2mL) daily.


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    What is The Beauty Chef Well Spray? 

    The Beauty Chef Well Spray is a probiotic and immunity spray. This spray is packed with herbal medicines and adaptogens to keep your immune system strong. It will also support the biotin in your body, which maintain healthy skin, hair and nails. With a daily dose of the Well Spray, you will keep your gut and skin health strong.

    How does The Beauty Chef Well Spray work? 

    The Well Spray formula has a peppermint flavour and contains herbal extracts like sage, calendula, elderberry, olive leaf and clove bud oil, as well as pomegranate and elderberry. This blend will support your health and wellbeing in a natural and holistic way.

    Like other probiotic blends from The Beauty Chef, this one is made with their Flora Culture™ fermentation process, and is fermented with a natural broad-spectrum probiotic to feed the beneficial bacteria in your gut—because a healthy microbiome is the secret to radiant skin.

    Read more about How the Gut affects your Skin

    How to use The Beauty Chef Well Spray? 

    You will get the best results if you take The Beauty Chef Well Spray daily. You can take up to 12 sprays a day, by taking 4 at each intake. The spray will absorb really quickly, which will make it more efficient.

    For even better results, you can mix it with: 

    The Beauty Chef Glow 

    The Beauty Chef Cleanse 

    What are Probiotics? 

    Prebiotics and probiotics are good bacteria that help support your gut health. Probiotics are living bacteria that simply help keep your gut health in check. They can be taken after a heavy meal or simply everyday to prevent any bloating. 

    Taking probiotics can boost your skin's health because a healthy gut and microbiome ar the key to good skin. A lot of congestion and clogged pores are due to inner factors rather than external ones.

    Is The Beauty Chef Well Spray vegan? 

    Yes! The Beauty Chef Well Spray and all of their products are vegan, microbiologist-approved, cruelty free, non GMO, no artificial flavours, preservatives or colours, no added gluten, dairy, soy, eggs or nuts. 

    These products are also developed with the help and approved by a microbiologist, to make sure your gut gets the best out of the products.