The CBD Black Friday Sale

Looking for a good deal on CBD? You've come to the right place.

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The CBD Black Friday Sale

Looking for a good deal on CBD?

You've come to the right place.

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Welcome to TheDrug.Store's Black Friday Sale countdown - stay tuned and follow us on Instagram to hear the big announcement on the 26th November 2021

We can promise big discounts on big brands like TheDrug.Store CBD, CBDistillery and Medterra - so you'll be able to stock up on your favourite CBD oils, capsules and gummies!

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Black Friday starts on the 26th November 2021 and goes through to Cyber Monday on 29th November. The Countdown has officially started!

Here is our list of Black Friday CBD top picks for you to choose from, from the biggest discounts to the most innovative products.

Come to TheDrug.Store for our biggest Black Friday CBD Sale ever and to get some of the world's best CBD products exclusive to us in the UK! We will be having our latest products and brands on a great discount, for 4 days only!

Once the products are gone, they're gone! Black Friday is the biggest shopping event of the year so make sure to join us!

Black Friday CBD Deals


Checkout our Black Friday deals on our CBD oil products, from brands like CBDistillery, Medterra, Apothem and Foria!


Searching for CBD capsules this Black Friday & Cyber Monday? Look no further, with our top picks of CBD capsules below!


One of our favourite categories, CBD edibles and gummies! We have some great deals on brands like Medterra and CBDistillery!


CBD Tincture (500-3000mg) Oil Medterra 500

From £22.49

CBD Face Oil Oil Kiskanu

From £63.75

MODM 'embr' Candle Accessories MODM


Pollen Vegan CBD Gummies Starter Kit UK


CBDistillery Tincture (500-1000mg) Oil CBDistillery 500mg


Foria Awaken Oil Foria


TheDrug.Store CBD Oil (500mg) Oil


Medterra Broad Spectrum CBD Tincture (1000mg)


CBD Oil SoftGels 25mg Capsules NanoCraft CBD


CBDistillery Tincture (2500-5000mg) Oil CBDistillery


Mr.Moxey Mints Capsules MrMoxey

From £19.50

Blasta Henriet Eye Pillow Accessories Blasta Henriet


Hemp CBD Oil FAQs

Best CBD Black Friday Deals

TheDrug.Store will be offering you the biggest discount we've ever had on our CBD products. With massive brands like CBDistillery, Medterra, Dr.Kerklaan and Foria - you will not be disappointed this Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Our Hemp-derived products will be on sale over the Black Friday weekend, 26th November to 29th November 2021 - so be sure to stock up!

TheDrug.Store will be the number one destination for choosing your Hemp CBD oils, capsules, gummies and CBD creams! With over 18 brands to choose from, we will also highlight you our favourite picks as we continue to bring you the best Hemp CBD products that you'll love!

Find out more about our CBD Black Friday sale here

On the day (Black Friday and Cyber Monday) - check out this page again where our favourite deals will be uploaded!

What is Hemp CBD?

Hemp derived CBD is cannabidiol (CBD) that has been extracted from the Hemp plant. We have broad-spectrum CBD and CBD isolate at TheDrug.Store - in the UK you can not legally sell Full-Spectrum CBD due to the fact it contains CBD. Therefore you know that at TheDrug.Store we sell fully UK and EU legal CBD oils and CBD products.

The Hemp plant is closely related to the cannabis plant and is therefore sometimes confused. Hemp is naturally high in CBD and low in THC, our brands then extract the THC so there is 0.0% THC in the products. Our CBD products will not get you high! Cannabis on the other hand contains very high amounts of THC, meaning that it will get you high. CBD products in Europe are not allowed to be made from Cannabis plants because of this.

Checkout the difference between Full-Spectrum CBD,Broad-Spectrum CBD and CBD Isolate here

TheDrug.Store is the best CBD store in the UK and since it's launch in 2018, it has fast become the destination for tens of thousands of customers! Take a look what people are saying about us and our 5-star CBD reviews on Trustpilot

Whats the best CBD?

TheDrug.Store curate what we see as the best CBD brands and products in the world. If a product or brand doesn't meet the tough criteria we set then we simply do not stock it - we have been able to curate the best CBD oils, gummies, capsules and skincare by dealing with the best CBD brands in the world.

The likes of CBDistillery, Medterra, Foria (and their CBD lube!) have helped us become the most recognised CBD store in the UK (and Europe, we are coming for you!)

We will update this page with our top picks of CBD oils, CBD capsules, CBD creams and all other Hemp products for our Black Friday Sale.

In the meantime, CBD capsules are one of the fastest growing CBD products in the UK as people start to love Hemp CBD products. Why not checkout our list of the best cbd capsules in the UK

What's the biggest discount on CBD for Black Friday and Cyber Monday?

Black Friday and Cyber Monday is the biggest discount day of the year. In 2021, Black Friday is on the 26th of November and Cyber Monday on the 29th November. That means you will be able to make the most of the big day and stock up.

On Black Friday we will announce our biggest discount ever for our best Hemp CBD products. With over 18 brands to choose from, check back on this page at Midnight on the 26th to see our best black friday deals.

Your favourite CBD brands like CBDistillery, Medterra, TheDrug.Store, Dr.Kerklaan, Apothem, and Foria will all be on offer - for those that love hemp products!

The 2021 Black Friday Sale will span across all our CBD products and accessories including:

Join us for the best CBD and Hemp Black Friday and Cyber Monday Sale (2021)!

When is Black Friday and Cyber Monday 2021?

Black Friday and Cyber Monday 2021 is between the 26th November to 29th November - in what will be the biggest shopping day in the UK in 2021. Black Friday is historically the biggest shopping day in the UK and with CBD the biggest wellness trend in the UK, it's going to be very busy! So stock on on your favourite CBD products today as they will go very quickly!

People love hemp derived CBD and we are the number one place to buy CBD in the UK, with Black Friday and Cyber Monday - we are having our biggest sale ever and will have all the best CBD oil products available to you!

Can I use vouchers on Black Friday?

Unfortunately you will not be able to use discounts, coupons or vouchers on top of the Black Friday and Cyber Monday CBD Sale discounts. That is because the product is already discounted to it's maximum potential. At TheDrug.Store we aim to give you the best CBD prices for your CBD oils and hemp products this Black Friday and Cyber Monday so unfortunately we can not give you a bigger discount.

However, if Black Friday is your first order with us then you can use your first order discount on your second order instead!

How to Choose a CBD Oil

CBD oils are very hard to choose, simply because there are so many to choose from! That's why, at TheDrug.Store, we urate this for you - slimming down the number of options to bring you only the best CBD oils and CBD products at the best price.

You want to look for

If you want to find out what the best Hemp CBD product is best for you then jump on our live chat (bottom right of your screen) and we can help you!

Black Friday CBD Sales: 2021 Trends

Black Friday has been a major UK retail holiday for a couple of years now as it was popularised by Amazon. In the UK Black Friday and Cyber Monday online sales have been increasing dramatically and it is one of the most anticipated sale events in the UK.

Now, with the growth of CBD and people loving hemp products for their mindfulness and wellness properties, this Black Friday will be the biggest day of CBD sales and CBD oil discovery ever. With more people trying the CBD oils, gummies and capsules due to it's lower prices - CBD will continue to grow.

Most CBD black Friday and Cyber Monday sales will be site wide discounts without a discount code as you'll get a percentage off your entire order. The biggest CBD brands supply TheDrug.Store in the UK for their Black Friday Sales, for the likes of CBDistillery, they only supply the UK through us.

What Black Friday discount are you doing?

This Black Friday 2021, we will be giving you up to 25% off the best CBD oil products in the UK!

If you're not sure what to buy then chat to us over our messenger or look at our Black Friday Best CBD Deals