The Nue Co Skin Hydrator Capsules The Nue Co
The Nue Co Skin Hydrator Capsules The Nue Co
The Nue Co Skin Hydrator Capsules The Nue Co
The Nue Co Skin Hydrator Capsules The Nue Co
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The Nue Co Skin Hydrator

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    The Nue Co Skin Hydrator will nourish your skin from the inside out. Over time, our skin's lipid barrier breaks down and slowly loses elasticity. This formula works on repairing and strengthening the lipid barrier, which will make your skin look youthful and glowy for as long as possible.

    With collagen, aloe vera and hyaluronic acid, hydrate your skin's inner layers for a plump and glowing looking skin. 


    Astaxanthin (from Haematococcus pluvialis whole plant), Ceramosides (TM) wheat seed extract, hydrolyzed collagen (bovine), gelatin, magnesium stearate, proprietary blend (Aloe leaf powder, grape seed extract and hyaluronic acid sodium), rice flour, silica. 

    Contains wheat

    Contains animal products


    Take one capsule of Skin Hydrator every morning with your breakfast 


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    Ixi D.

    The Nue Co Skin Hydrator

    In love with this item!

    My skin was dry and dull lately and even with all creams I was using, I could not feel the difference. After 1 month using this product, I could feel the difference! My skin is much better, plumped and hydrated!

    What is The Nue Co Skin Hydrator?

    The Nue Co Skin Hydrator is part of The Nue Co's The One Daily, which are targeted multivitamins for different areas of your body and overall health. Skin Hydrator focuses on improving skin health by repairing the lipid barrier.

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    What does The Nue Co Skin Hydrator do?

    The Nue Co Skin Hydrator's patented blend of phytoceramides and other lipids work to repair the lipid barrier, to keep your skin plump, hydrated, and dewy. The Ceramosides decrease fine lines by helping to maintain your lipid barrier. 

    How do the ingredients of The Nue Co Skin Hydrator work?

    The blend of hydrolyzed collagen, aloe vera, hyaluronic acid, and astaxanthin address the structure and underlying health of the skin, as they work to support collagen structure + production while helping to repair and strengthen the lipid barrier. The formula also contains a patented, synergistic complex of concentrated phytoceramides along with other lipids which has been clinically proven to reduce wrinkles by, improve skin hydration, and increase elasticity.

    Can I take this with other The Nue Co products?

    Yes, The Nue Co Skin Hydrator is safe to take with any other The Nue Co products. We recommend combining it with The Nue Co Skin Filter, to complete your powerful skin boosting daily supplement plan.

    What is the lipid barrier?

    Lipids, or the oils in our skin, may only make up 10-15% of your skin’s outer layer, but play an irreplaceable role in the prevention of water loss in skin while also protecting its structure. They are primarily composed of free fatty acids, cholesterol, and, most importantly, waxy lipid molecules called ceramides, as an imbalance or absence of them can lead to problems with the skin. Common skin issues associated with an impaired lipid barrier include acne, atopic eczema, psoriasis, dry skin, and prematurely aged skin. We start to naturally produce fewer ceramides starting at the age of 20, which decrease by 10-15% per decade.