The Nue Co Sleep Drops (30ml) Oil The Nue Co
The Nue Co Sleep Drops (30ml) Oil The Nue Co
The Nue Co Sleep Drops (30ml) Oil The Nue Co
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The Nue Co Sleep Drops (30ml)

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    Drift off into deep sleep and wake up fully rejuvenated using the pleasant water-based Sleep Drops from The Nue Co. Mixing the sedative effect of valerian root and passionflower this formulation aims to lower your brain activity and bring you to a state of tranquillity. This formulation aims to quickly reduce gut discomfort and help you feel less bloated.

    vegan cruelty-free gluten-free


    Purified water, glycerine, Valerian root tincture, catnip tincture, german chamomile flower tincture, passionflower tincture, citric acid*, potassium sorbate.



    Take 6-12 drops under the tongue up to 30 min before bedtime 

    Use with The Nue Co Magnesium Ease for better results.


    Customer Reviews

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    David H.
    Works better than expected

    I've tried a couple of products before this, herbal tea and vegan herbal sleep pills. But neither of these came close to how well these sleep drops have worked for me. Nothing beats a peaceful sleep and waking up refreshed in the morning!

    Ida B.
    Love It xx

    I love everything from the nue co, but this is my everyday go-to. Really helps me relax when I've had a long day

    What is The Nue Co Sleep Drops? 

    The Nue Co Sleep drops is a pure and all natural blend of botanicals that give you the good night's sleep that you deserve. Healthy sleep is the best foundation for a stress-free and productive day. With its vegan ingredients, these drops will help you catch good Zzz. 

    Voted the best Sleep Drops in the UK!

    How does The Nue Co Sleep Drops work? 

    The different botanics like chamomile, passionflower or valerian root will give you a sense of tranquility, which will make it easier to fall asleep and most importantly to stay asleep.

    Your body and mind will be relaxed and you'll be able to get the rest that you deserve at the end of a long hectic day or week. 

    Are The Nue Co Sleep Drops vegan?

    All The Nue Co products are carefully crafted with the best ingredients to make sure they are suitable for everyone. The Sleep Drops are vegan, cruelty-free and gluten-free, so you don't have to worry about them not being appropriate for your diet. 

    Their packaging is also sustainable, with glass jars that you can easily repurpose in your home.

    How to take The Nue Co Sleep Drops? 

    To take The Nue Co Sleep Drops, place 6 to 12 drops under your tongue for the best absorption. You can also add it to a drink if that's easier. The best time them is half an hour before bedtime, and you will the best effect. 

    Will I feel groggy after taking The Nue Co Sleep Drops? 

    You feel rested and restored after taking The Nue Co Sleep drops. You won't feel any drowsiness or grogginess the next morning due to the Sleep Drops. 

    On top of taking the drops, it's also important to have a healthy sleep schedule where you go to bed at the same time in the evening and wake up around the same time in the morning.