How do Collagen Supplements Work?

How do Collagen Supplements Work?


Beauty supplements are taking over the supplement industry, and lately, it’s been about niacinamide, vitamin C and collagen. Collagen is the one that has really taken over, so here's the lowdown on collagen. 

What does Collagen do? 

If you’ve been interested in collagen for a while and are not sure what it does, what it’s for, and why you should use it, we’ll break it down for you. Collagen is a protein that our body abundantly produces. It helps keep your skin, hair, nails, joints and bones healthy from a young age. The problem is that the more time goes by, the less collagen our body produces and that’s when collagen supplements come into play. Collagen also benefits our body by making movement much easier, it also makes body recovery much faster. 

To avoid slowing down this production of collagen in your skin, follow the number one rule in skincare, which is not overexposing your skin in the sun. UV rays are quite damaging for the skin, because it will keep the actives in your skin from producing proteins like collagen or elastin. Always wear a hat when the sun is out and apply some SPF on your skin, like the Nuori Mineral Sunscreen

The Different Types of Collagen

There are four different types of collagen that interact with our bodies: 

Type I is the main form of collagen we naturally produce, this is the type of collagen responsible for the way we look essentially. Our skin, hair, even our teeth... this is also the type of collagen you will find in most collagen products, as it is the one our bodies need the most. 

Type II boosts the production of elastin. This type of collagen is highly produced when you are a child and decreases with the years. Hence why we need a little more help with recovery the older we get. 

Type III keeps your body healthy and functioning. This is the type of collagen that ensures your muscles and organs are protected and stay "young". 

Type IV is responsible for the health of our deeper layers of skin. This is the type of collagen that ensures healthy and quicker cell turnover. When scarring and pigmentation tend to last on the skin, your body might be producing this type of collagen at a slow rate. 

The Benefits of Collagen for the Skin UK TheDrug.Store

Why you Need Collagen Supplements 

Towards the end of your twenties, beginning of your thirties is when you’re going to start to have a decrease in your body’s collagen production. It’s not going to have a big impact at first but the more time passes, the more you’re going to see and feel the difference in your skin or in the way you move. 

Taking collagen supplements will mainly affect your bones and joints, but if you take them daily, they can also have an impact on your skin. Collagen is what brings elasticity to your skin and helps you keep that youthful look. 

Foods that will promote the production of collagen  - There are many nutrients that can help promote and boost the production of collagen in your body. Many of them can be found in foods that we eat everyday. The top nutrients that will help with collagen production are: 

  • Grains (contain chromium) 
  • Copper and zinc
  • Vitamin C 
  • Iron 
  • Omega 3

Supplementing with collagen will help your body find a balance between the collagen it produces and the amount you are bringing in.

Our Different Collagen Products 

ancient and brave true collagen

A bestseller on TheDrug.Store; let us introduce you to Ancient and Brave True Collagen! It's pure type 1 bovine collagen and will give you 5000mg of collagen per serving. It's sustainably sourced and taste- and odourfree, so you can add it to any drink of your choice.

Buy Ancient and Brave Cacao+Collagen Blend UK TheDrug.Store

Ancient and Brave Cacao + Collagen: Cacao is the unprocessed, raw version of cocoa that you usually find at the store. Over the years, it has been discovered that cacao has many beneficial properties. It is fibre and protein rich, and is also a great nootropic. Blending cacao and collagen together will give your body and mind an extra boost. 

Ancient and Brave Coffee + Collagen: Get two of your daily essentials in one simple blend. Many people like to add collagen powder to their coffee, this blend makes it even easier by combining a delicious Brazilian coffee with their collagen. 

 Buy The Beauty Chef Collagen Boost (500ml) Online UK TheDrug.Store

The Beauty Chef Collagen is an elixir that will support collagen production, cultivate a smoother complexion and maintain healthy skin, hair and nails from the inside out. Taking this supplement daily will balance out the collagen that might be a bit unregulated in your body. With its berry flavour, you can add this to a glass of water or to your favourite smoothie recipe. It also contains probiotics, to help keep your skin healthy through your gut health

With bio-fermented goji berry, grape seed extract, zinc and vitamin C, the Inner Collagen Boost is designed for those concerned with fine lines and premature ageing.

bare biology skinful


Bare Biology Skinful Marine Collagen is perfect to incorporate into your daily life. This powder is packed with Type 1 collagen, which will help make up for the collagen your body is producing at a slower pace. 


ancient and brave collagyn

Looking for vegan-friendly collagen? Ancient and Brave were the first in the UK to formulate a truly game-changing vegan alternative to hydrolysed collagen peptides.

You can choose between three versions and flavours of the vegan collagen

Ancient and Brave Naked Collagyn is a neutral-tasting collagen supplement for your body, formulated to support normal collagen formation and renewal. 

Ancient and Brave Inspired Collagyn is an Ayurvedic inspired blend, formulated to support cognitive function and optimal daily wellbeing. 

Ancient and Brave Radiant Collagyn is berry-flavoured and formulated to nourish your skin and general wellbeing from within by protecting your cells from oxidative stress.

How Face Tools can Boost Collagen

You can also use face tools to boost the production of collagen in your skin. Using face tools like a jade roller or a gua sha will help stimulate collagen in your skin. They are a great way to get a face massage at home, using face tools helps with waking up your face and activating the muscles you have in your face.  

With skincare products, if you’re looking for something that will boost the collagen production, reach for the ones with peptides or amino acids like niacinamide. These active ingredients will interact with your skin in a way that will boost the collagen production. 

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