What Supplement Should I Take?

What Supplement Should I Take?

Why should you take supplements? 

Supplements are an add-on to an everyday routine that supports your immune system and help you be a better version of yourself. Supplements have become very popular in the past few years because the lifestyle many of us run lacking many vitamins and nutrients. Skipping breakfast, having a quick store-bought lunch in front of the computer and cooking an easy dinner in the evening… not the best diet to have. 

Taking supplements simply makes up for what our bodies don’t get anymore. They give us more energy, help us with our digestion and what not.

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Are Supplements just a Hype? 

Although they seem very trendy and sound like they’re a hype, many people should actually be taking supplements and are not aware. If you feel tired all the time although you get enough sleep, you feel some body discomforts for no reason… you’re probably deficient in some type of vitamin. Some of the highest deficiency rates are magnesium and vitamins. As said previously, with this modern lifestyle, our bodies have gotten used to running on the amounts of nutrients and vitamin and that we eat. That's why many of us don't feel like we have any deficiencies because we feel healthy, when in reality we probably all need to level up our nutrient intake. 

Although our bodies have the ability to adapt, if you start taking more supplements, you will quickly see a shift in your energy, mood and productivity. Our body and mind need this fuel to run properly and it's important we cater properly to our bodie's needs.

It’s May 2020, and we’ve now been going through a health crisis for a couple of months. Supplements are making a lot more noise because taking supplements can boost your immune system, which keeps us healthy and strong. The supplements we need may vary depending on the season. Our diets change, so do our moods and energy levels, so you might need to adjust to your needs. Everyone is different and that’s why it’s so important to listen to your body. If you’re unsure what type of supplement you might need, don’t worry we’re always here to help! 

Find the Right Supplement for You

We have now set up a product finder based on your different health needs and our seven pillars of health. With a few quick questions, you’ll find the right supplement or supplements for your needs. This will save you time because you won’t need to browse the website anymore, being unsure of what you’re looking for.  

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What Supplement Should I Take? 

Last year, we talked about the best food supplements of 2019. This time around, we're updating the list according to the current circumstances, and the spring season as well! Here the food supplements that want to think of adding to your cabinet at the moment: 

  • Vitamin D 

Vitamin D deficiency is one of the common ones, which is why most people should take a Vitamin D supplement. It helps create a nutrient that boosts the calcium in our bodies, keeping us healthy and strong. We can get Vitamin D from the sun, but the amounts are not sufficient for what our bodies need.

You can also get Vitamin D from nutritious foods like fatty fish or mushroom, but taking supplements are an easy way to get those nutrients without any preparation. 

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Especially if you are working from home, you might really need this one. Nootropics will help you be more focused and give you a boost for better productivity. They’re not an everyday supplement but it’s a perfect one for those days when you’d rather stay in bed than do any work. 

If you feel like your focus is shifting a bit too much these days, nootropics are the right supplement for you. Don't let the fact that you're working from home be a hindrance to your productivity!

Read more about Nootropics here

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Let’s be honest, our diets have kind of fallen off the wagon and we could use a little extra help. Taking probiotics helps with better digestion. Not only do they promote gut health but they also help having better skin, and by getting rid of stomach discomforts they also give you energy. 

Probiotics can also help you feel a bit less sluggish, and feel better on the inside, which will have a positive impact on your mood as well!

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  • Turmeric

Going back to a holistic approach, turmeric is actually a great add-on to your supplements routine. This magic yellow powder has been used as a natural, herbal remedy in India for centuries. Taking turmeric can help regulate your mood, give you energy and help with better skin as well. 

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