What is Probiotic Skincare?

What is Probiotic Skincare?

Understanding the Skin Microbiome

What is the Skin Microbiome?

21% of the microbiome lives on our skin and interacts with our environment. The role of the skin microbiome is to protect our skin barrier from daily agressions like pollution or UV rays. That's why we need to make sure we nourish our skin microbiome. Our skin barrier can be affected by stress, the food we eat, the skincare products we use. The healthier our skin microbiome is, the faster our skin barrier will heal. 

We can preserve and protect our skin microbiome by using gentle skincare protects and avoiding harsh chemicals that our skin doesn't need. When our skin breaks outs, gets inflamed or even really dry, that's usually a sign that our skin microbiome is not as healthy as it should be.

What is Probiotic Skincare? 

Just like the probiotics we take as supplements, probiotics in skincare are a live bacteria that we apply topically. Used this way, the good bacteria will combat the bad ones that can sometimes end up in flare ups and soothe the skin. The ingredient you want to have in your probiotic skincare products is lactobacillus - it is the best bacteria to regulate any inflammation on the skin. 

Probiotic skincare is probably the most useful for those who have acne-prone skin but it's also a great product to help repair your skin. If you're dealing with irregular texture on the skin, it may be because you skin barrier is still healing. On top of probiotics, it's important to use gentle ingredients on the skin. While it's great to exfoliate a few times a week and have a good turnover, that can easily turn into stripping the skin.  

What are Probiotics?

Probiotics are a collection of bacteria, yeast and fungi that are good for your gut and your digestive system. The body is full of bacteria, called the microbiome, which is essentially at the centre of our health. A healthy microbiome leads to a healthy immunity, good digestion, good skin and even a better mood! 

Probiotics can be consumed as food, which are usually fermented like kimchi, yoghurt or the infamous kombucha drink. We also have a large selection of probiotic supplements available here at TheDrug.Store. They are one of the most important supplements for us as they also help with immunity, skin health, stress and will make us feel our best longterm. 

Introducing The Nue Co Barrier Culture 

The Nue Co have just launched their probiotic skincare range with their Barrier Culture Cleanser and their Barrier Culture Moisturiser. Both products are formulated to help repair your skin barrier and better your skin's texture. 

The Nue Co Barrier Culture Cleanser deep cleanses your skin yet it doesn't strip your skin off its essential oils and preserves the skin barrier. This formula doesn't contain any fragrance or potentially irritating ingredients to make sure your pH is balanced. 

The Nue Co Barrier Culture Moisturiser boosts the skin immune system and repopulates the skin microbiome. It also contains niacinamide and ceramides to help further repair your skin. Again this is a great product for those who have scarring, hyperpigmentation or damaged skin. 

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