Everything you need to know about Marine Collagen

Everything you need to know about Marine Collagen

With a rising number of collagen products in the UK wellness industry, we wanted to make sure you are equipped with the knowledge about all forms of collagen. If you are still deciding whether marine collagen is the right one for you, or if you’re not sure about collagen and whether you need it at all, then this blog post is for you.

What is Marine Collagen

Marine – or fish – collagen is primarily sourced from fish skin, although some supplements are also sourced from other marine animals. It is classified as a type 1 collagen, which is the main form of collagen found in our body. Our body makes its own collagen proteins from the amino acids proline, glycine and hydroxyproline, which are the exact amino acids that can be found in marine collagen.

You’ll often find that producers and brands refer to their collagen as hydrolysed, which means the long chains of the proteins are broken down in shorter chains. This makes it easier for us to absorb them through our gut and into our bloodstream.

Why Collagen is important

Collagen is the most abundant protein in our body and can be found in our skin, bones, muscles, tendons, ligaments, and our skin. As we age, the ability to make collagen diminishes, starting in our mid-20s. As a result, the potential for wrinkles, joint pain, weak muscles, or gut issue can increase, which is why it is worth starting to take collagen supplements.

There have been some successful studies regarding the effectiveness of collagen, specifically marine collagen, and we are hoping to see an increase in these, and an effort to start regulating the market. As it’s not currently regulated, it’s important to do your research about both the type of collagen that’s being sold to you, where it came from, and whether it has any unnecessary additives.  

Is Marine Collagen better than Bovine Collagen?

Like other forms of collagen, such as bovine or porcine, marine collagen peptides may improve skin elasticity, as well as bone health. Many people rather opt for marine collagen, for various reasons.

Firstly, it is considered to be more sustainable. As it is made from fish skin, scales and/or bones, it is often considered a by-product of the fishing industry. Making use of the parts of the marine animal that would otherwise be wasted.

Additionally, marine collagen is more accessible than its bovine or porcine counterparts, as many people might not be able to use collagen made from cows or pigs, due to their faith or lifestyle choice.

And lastly, the peptide molecules in marine collagen are much smaller in size than bovine collagen, making it more bioavailable for the body.

Is Marine Collagen good for you?

As described earlier, our body slowly loses the ability to form its own collagen. Marine collagen, specifically hydrolysed marine collagen peptides, are able to replace the exact proteins that we are naturally loosing, potentially resulting in better skin, a healthier gut and better joint and muscle health. If you are looking out for high-quality marine collagen products, your skin particularly can benefit a lot from marine collagen supplements.

The Best Marine Collagen Products

We love the hydrolysed marine collagen powders from Bare Biology!

They produce their collagen powders from sustainably caught, wild fish, working together with small fisheries in Norway, and are MSC-certified. They openly oppose fish farming, which is something we highly rate. Choose between these two collagen supplements, depending on your personal taste and needs.

Bare Biology Skinful Pure Marine Collagen

Bare Biology Skinful is marine collagen in its purest form. With no additives, you get 5000mg of hydrolysed marine collagen powder in each serving (5g). It’s perfect to add to your drink of choice, or your cooking or baking recipes, as the tasteless powder makes it really versatile and easily implemented into your diet.

Bare Biology Skinful + Vitamin C

Bare Biology Skinful Collagen + Vitamin C is formulated with the same high-quality marine collagen as the Original Skinful powder. This version has 50mg of Vitamin C added to each serving, which has numerous benefits, including boosting your body’s own collagen production. Bare Biology Skinful + Vitamin C is strawberry-flavoured as well, making it perfect to add to a smoothie or morning drink. 


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