What is Clean Beauty and Why you Should Care

What is Clean Beauty and Why you Should Care


The Clean Beauty movement is getting massive in skincare and beauty and is here to stay! But wait...what is clean beauty? You know when you look at a label of one of your favourite beauty products and you just have no idea what the ingredients are. Clean beauty is fighting that, it’s important that you know what you are applying on your skin for many reasons. 

  1. It’s good to know what ingredients work well for you and your skin type and which ones don’t 
  2. Although you’re applying these products on your skin, they are being absorbed in your bloodstream. So you really want to make sure you’re using the best products for you and your health.

Going for clean beauty is making the right change for you and for your health, these products go from your skincare, makeup, haircare… 

The Importance of Clean Beauty in Skincare UK Thedrug.Store

What Ingredients Should I Avoid in Beauty Products? 

You don’t need to drastically change the products you’re using because we’re not about waste either. Just slowly change your routine, when you run out of one product, simply try to find a clean alternative for it. It takes quite a lot of research because everyone’s skin is different and reacts differently to certain ingredients. 

In the EU, over 1.300 are banned from beauty products, which is already a good thing, but you still want to make sure you’re avoiding, at least the top ingredients that are bad for you and that can easily be removed from your routine. We’re so used to using the same products everyday that it can be hard switching up products, mainly because you never know what the results are going to be. 

Ingredients to avoid in Skincare products UK and EU Thedrug.Store

Are all the Products I'm using Toxic? 

 To put in simply, no. The skincare you're using is not toxic and horrible for you, as long as you're buying it at a health shop, a supermarket or a pharmacy. Ingredients and products that are actually toxic for you and can harm you and banned. But that doesn't mean that they don't have any effects on you, some chemical and active ingredients can have a positive impact on your skin but can also have a bad on your body, which doesn't have an impact if you only use a small amount, but in the long run, there could be consequences. 

Not all chemicals are dangerous for you. Your body reacts to active chemical compounds, the important thing is knowing which ones are good for you and which ones you need to stay away from. Usually, if you can read the ingredient on the front of the label, it means that it’s a good one for your skin. Active ingredients like hyaluronic acid, zinc, lactic acid or niacinamide can be used on your skin. The ones that should be avoided will usually be at the bottom of the ingredient list, on the back of the label. 

The new generation is all about skincare first, rather than makeup, their skin looking good is their number one priority. Brands like Glossier, Honest Beauty and Kora Organics understand that and put on the emphasis on bettering the features you already have. Clean skincare will soon be completely mainstream and something people will go for naturally. 

The Problem with Clean Beauty 

Clean Beauty is empowering, as we have so much more control of what ingredients and products we decide to use. But the issue with clean beauty is that it's not just about avoiding the wrong products, but also about using the right ones. Just because something is natural, doesn't mean it's going to make any difference in your routine. 

Even if you're going for clean ingredients, there's the matter of efficiency, which is why it's sometimes hard to find a good alternative to the products you've been using. You have the make sure you find the right active ingredients that work for your type of skin and the type of issued you want to tackle. 

Buy NUORI Clean and Natural Skincare UK  TheDrug.Store

A Clean and Natural Beauty Brand

At TheDrug.Store, we want to be part of that change and we just welcomed a new brand, NUORI Skincare

Nuori is a Danish skincare brand that creates products with 100% natural ingredients that you actually understand. 

We wanted to make sure we had your entire skincare routine covered with their products like: 

Vital Foaming Cleanser - Cleansing (an even double cleansing) your skin is the number one thing you should be doing when you get home for a long day (or night). With oats and pomegranate, this cleanser will gently cleanse your face while still keeping the essential oils into your skin. 

Vital Facial Cream - Dry or oily skin, moisturizing your skin is one of the most vital parts of your skin. Many moisturizers contain a large amount of alcohol, which will dry out your skin on the long term. This cream will gently moisturise your skin with natural oils and vitamins. 

Mineral Defence Sunscreen - Although missed by many people, sunscreen is a MUST-HAVE in your everyday skin routine, and not just when the sun is out. The most important thing is that you go for mineral sunscreen as it is the best for your body after it has soaked into your skin. 

Supreme Moisture Mask - With pollution and the dry air, the moisture in our skin sometimes gets sucked out without us doing anything wrong. Doing a mask once or twice a week is a perfect way to put the moisture back into your skin and also the perfect occasion to relax and pamper. 

Vital Hand Cream - Our hands are one of the driest parts of our body since they’re constantly exposed to the dry air and as we also wash them quite often during the day. Nuori kept that in mind and formulated this lightweight, yet rich hand cream for your hands to stay soft and hydrated. 

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