Everything you Need to Know about Nootropics

Everything you Need to Know about Nootropics

[Updated 22nd June 2021]


If you’re a food supplement fanatic, you’ve probably heard about nootropics, they’re one of the hottest trends in the health and wellness world. But what exactly are nootropics, what do they do, are they dangerous? Many questions that always come along with new trends.

Nootropics are cognitive enhancers that help you focus more and be more productive. 

Although the term may seem unfamiliar to you, you might have been consuming them for a while, without even knowing the actual term. One of the most famous nootropics that most people have everyday (and probably without knowing it) is caffeine. Whether you drink coffee, tea, mate, fizzy drinks…sometimes we consume caffeine without even knowing it but for most people it’s just part of a daily routine and many of us find ourselves saying that we just “can’t function” without our cup of coffee in the morning. 

As they’ve been on the rise lately, there are other nootropics you might have heard of like L-Theanine, ginseng or 5-HTP. They can now be found in products that have been formulated to help you focus, give you energy or even help you with your sleep.

What are the Benefits of Taking Nootropics

Nootropics are mainly known and praised for their cognitive enhancing properties, which is the part that will help you focus more. 

Nootropics are still very new in the health and wellness world, which means that there’s still a lack of research on their long-term benefits and efficiency. However, the best way to describe nootropics is that they are like food for your brain. Just like we need nutrients to keep our bodies energized and going, we also need to fuel our brains to stay focused and do our best, that’s when nootropics come into play. 

One of the things you’d want to watch out for when shopping for nootropics is caffeine if you don’t like to consume it. Many nootropic-based products contain caffeine as it will keep you more awake and focused on what you’re doing. 

Although we only talk about them a lot now, nootropics, just like adaptogens and other ayurvedic plants are remedies that were once used in Traditional Chinese medicine or Ayurveda

Is Caffeine a Nootropic? UK Thedrug.store

Taking Nootropics with a Busy Lifestyle 

In this modern world and life, we sometimes don’t have time to catch our breath. We’re all settled in a routine of going to work in the morning and coming home in the evening that sometimes that just takes a toll on us. It’s easy for us not to get enough sleep and to end up feeling tired and groggy in the morning. 

No one likes to feel like they’re unable to do anything productive. Taking nootropics can turn that around for you. 

It’s easy to get distracted or to keep thinking about other stuff than work or whatever we are doing in the moment. Nootropics will help you be more focused and get things done. They’re not going to completely change the way you think or act. Just like any other food supplement, you need to have a healthy lifestyle for them to have the desired effect. With nootropics, you definitely want to make sure you get enough sleep before taking them. Otherwise their effect won’t last for very long. 

Our Picks of the Best Nootropics in the UK

The Nue Co Nootro-Focus

The Nue Co Nootro-Focus


Nootro-Focus contains the most efficient nootropics, like L-Theanine and Lion's Mane to provide nutrients for your brain and help you stay focused. It doesn't contain any caffeine so you can still enjoy your cup of coffee if that's the product you want to go for. 

Form Nutrition Edge

Buy Form Nutrition Edge | Best Nootropics UK | Thedrug.store

Edge is packed with a blend of Vitamin B and nootropics to help you do your best everyday and have the right levels of energy. If you're looking for a version with caffeine, give Form Nutrition Boost a try! 

Misfits Switch On 

Buy Misfits Switch On Capsules | Best Nootropics UK | Thedrug.Store

The Switch On Capsules are the ideal replacement to your morning cup of coffee, or if you're the type to get the jitters, these are perfect for you. Each dose contains the amount you would find in a double espresso. The other active ingredients will keep you calm and focused for everything you have ahead of you.

Innermost Focus Capsules

Innermost Focus

Innermost really want to elevate your mind and body with their products. These capsules contain 900mg of ginseng and other superfoods to make sure you only get the best out of these capsules. 

When do I need to take Nootropics?

You don’t necessarily need to take nootropics everyday, sometimes it works better for people who take them from time to time. It’s like coffee, some people are so used to drinking their cup of coffee in the morning that they don’t feel the effect of it anymore and when someone takes it occasionally, they can feel it in full effect. We would recommend for you to take them in the morning before you start working or when you know you need your brain at its highest capacity.

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