Answering All Your Questions on Adaptogens

Answering All Your Questions on Adaptogens


Adaptogens are holistic herbs that people like to use to relax. They are known for adapting to your body’s stress and cortisol levels. Cortisol is our stress hormone and for most of us, it’s higher than it should be. That can be linked to everything and anything we have going on like work, an upcoming event, a deadline, everyday tasks. We easily get overwhelmed and that can lead to no sleeping well, a poor appetite and anything we don’t necessarily want.  

Adaptogens may be novel from the past few years in western culture as food supplements and natural remedies have been taking over but they’ve actually been around for longer than most of us. Adaptogens are part Ancient Chinese medicine and Ayurveda, two movements of natural medicine and natural medicine. 

How do Adaptogens Work? 

And most importantly… do they work? When it comes to food supplements and natural ways to cope with stress, it’s easy to be skeptical and to have doubt whether or not they actually work. With adaptogens, the key is to have them on a regular basis, as you need to let your body adapt to them. Taking adaptogens on the spot or once in a while can have an effect but consistency is what will make the difference. 

The main reason people take adaptogens is to help with their stress levels, with this modern lifestyle where we sometimes forget to stop and take a breath. But some people also take them for focus, as some adaptogens are also nootropics. 

What are the best Adaptogens UK Thedrug.Store

Examples of adaptogens 

Ashwagandha is one of the "most famous" adaptogens, not only because the name sounds fancy but mainly for its properties. You can find ashwagandha in many adaptogen mix because it is a really good natural relaxant and helps lower your stress levels. Being stressed is bad for your mind, bad for your immune system, bad for you you really want to make sure you are taking care of this matter. Some people manage to destress with breathing exercises or meditation, but others have to take supplements to help with their stress. 

Lion’s Mane is an adaptogenic mushroom and most importantly, it's a nootropic. Nootropics are great to help with focus and memory. You'll often find Lion's Mane in nootropic blends, which are perfect to take before a long day of work or during stressful exam periods. 

Goji Berries - a superfood that you're probably adding to your smoothies, porridge or that you simply like to snack on. These berries are packed with antioxidants and are also great to give you energy and that little boost in the morning. And bonus... they're delicious! 

Turmeric is the yellow superfood that you're seeing everywhere! In lattes, smoothies, immunity shots or any other everyday recipe. Turmeric is great to boost your immune system, packed with antioxidant, if you take it everyday you can really feel a difference in the way you feel. 

But there are others that you may already be using but have no idea that they are adaptogens. Turmeric is the best example, we’ve been seeing it everywhere lately, in lattes, shots or just your food. You know it’s good for you and it’s actually great for your immune system! 

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When Should I Take Adaptogens? 

Although they are a great natural remedy, adaptogens are not a miracle product. To really see an effect and an impact on your mind and body's wellbeing, you need to take to them on a regular basis. Whether that's everyday or a few times a week. You need to have them quite often, in order to have them adapt to your body and really see an effect. 

Depending on the result you want as well, you have to be patient with the process. If you're wanting to see a change in your skin for instance, it might take a few weeks to see a difference and also you might need to apply more changes to your lifestyle, rather than just taking an adaptogenic blend. 

Just like any other supplement, you need to implement adaptogens as part of a healthy lifestyle, rather than just expect result from them. If you're feeling stressed, try to pinpoint what makes you feel that way in addition to taking them. 

The best Adaptogens in the UK Wunder Workshop Turmeric

Some of the best Adaptogenic Supplements 

At TheDrug.Store, we want to make sure we have some of the best natural yet efficient supplements for our customers. We're going back to basics with the use of potent plants that have shown to improve wellness on a daily basis ever since the practice of Ancient Chinese Medicine and Ayurveda. 

Wunder Workshop 

This London-based brand puts adaptogen and mainly turmeric at the center of all their products. The team behind Wunder Workshop has worked with natural remedies and herbal blends their whole lives and it was only natural they shared their knowledge with the world. All of their blends contain turmeric and other adaptogens that help with skin, stress or memory. 

Form Nutrition 

With a background in protein powders, Form also create nootropic blends to help you on those days when you need an extra boost. They put nootropics at the center of their products with different formulas to cater to your exact needs.  

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