The Ultimate 2021 Wellness Regime

The Ultimate 2021 Wellness Regime

The Ultimate 2021 Wellness Regime

We’re not only going to associate 2020 as the year of the pandemic — it’s also officially been the year of the self care revolution. Searches for ‘self care routine’ are up 250%, reaching their highest levels since 2004. 


The new year is here, and there’s no better time to give your own self care regime a refresh. Take a look at these expert-backed, five core components you need for creating the ultimate 20201 wellness regime.


Queen B: Benefit from biotin

With many of us still unable to access our go-to personal care facilities, the new year will see more at home innovation when it comes to looking after our wellbeing. A key ingredient to look out for as part of this is biotin.


Searches for ‘what is biotin good for’ are up 300%, and it’s benefits will be key for upping your ‘at home’ wellness game in 2021, supporting healthy hair, nails and skin by helping the body convert food into energy.


You’ll find a variety of products that contain biotin. Choose a liquid form such as Klarskin Reforming Liquid, which combines biotin with other glow-inducing ingredients. 


Registered Nutritionist Clarissa Lenhurr said: 


“Supplementing with a good biotin source is important to not only keep skin and hair looking healthy, but it also benefits your eyes, liver and nervous system which is especially important during the winter months.


Some studies have even shown the benefits of biotin for energy and overall vitality, due to it helping the body break down carbohydrates and certain amino acids.


With biotin it is important to choose a good quality source for best effects. The Reforming Liquid in particular contains the vitamin in liposomal form, making it more bioavailable and easier to be absorbed and used by your body than capsule, tablet or even powder versions”.

Vitamin C Wellness and beauty regime 2021

Vitamin C: Brighten up the winter blues 

There’s been a lot of conversation around Vitamin C in recent months, with searches for ‘how does vitamin C help your body’ up by 2600% in 2020. It’s going to be a key player in our wellness regimes this year, and here’s why. 


From boosting antioxidant levels within the body, to promoting collagen production, Vitamin C has even been linked to combatting stress, a key concern for many of us during the pandemic. It’s also a key ingredient for treating hyperpigmentation, a condition which causes darkened patches on the skin. Searches for hyperpigmentation are up by 140%, and vitamin C is proven to inhibit melanin production, which causes these dark spots. 


You could opt for tablet form, or to target beauty concerns you may choose a serum that contains this all-round brightening wonder; and if you do, be sure to follow up with SPF as it can make you more susceptible to UV rays.  


On getting your fix of vitamin C, our expert Lauren Windas, Registered Nutritional Therapist and Naturopath, said: 


“Vitamin C is touted as a natural cold remedy, and it is one of the first buzzwords you’ll hear when talking about immune health. 


 It is a critical nutrient for iron absorption, healthy skin, bone structure, and most famously, immune system health. Evidence shows that regular vitamin C supplementation (at least 200mg daily) can reduce the duration of cold symptoms by an average 8% in adults and 14% in children. This translates to approximately one less day of illness, which is an important factor for reducing the number of working days that are lost each year due to the common cold. 


Vitamin C is also critical for collagen formation, contributing to the health of the skin, joints and connective tissues”.


Beautifully balanced gut health 

An indulgent December can leave many of us feeling out of sorts come January. Starting the new year armed with gut health essentials can be helpful in combating the effects of a festive blowout. 


Gut health is also at the root of many other concerns, from how we sleep, to the appearance of our skin, and it can even impact stress  —  making it an important part of wellness to get right!

Gut health is a topic many of us are just getting accustomed with though, as searches for ‘what are probiotics’ are up 130%. A probiotic helps our bodies to create a balanced internal environment, providing a dose of ‘good bacteria’ for our stomach and intestines. 


While trendy probiotics such as Kombucha are becoming more popular, with searches up by 180%, opting for a general probiotic could be the best choice for everyday use. 


On balancing gut health, Lauren Windas says: 


Today’s modern world can be particularly demanding on our digestive systems, with high stress lifestyles, antibiotic use, and Western diets contributing to poor gut health.


The key thing to remember is that not all probiotics are created equally. Different probiotic supplements will contain a unique combination of strains and strengths (CFU’s).


When purchasing a probiotic supplement, always look for those that are enteric-coated acid resistant, which means that they are able to withstand stomach acid and the bacteria are effectively delivered into the large intestine intact, so that they can proliferate and colonise the gut”.


Adaptogenic mushrooms uk

Adaptogenic Mushrooms

These super smart mushrooms will be the key to wellness in 2021. Adaptogenic mushrooms boast an array of essential benefits for maintaining all-round wellness, from contributing to brain health to impacting hormones and supporting our immune systems. 


The term ‘adaptogen’ refers to a group of foods and herbs which are proven to support overall energy, health, and mood, by ‘adapting’ to our bodies needs. Adaptogens can also lessen the impact that stress has on our bodies, providing a natural remedy for our physical and emotional needs. 


Founder of Wunder Workshop, Tom Smale commented on these supercharged, earthy wellness wonders: 


“The mushrooms that have come into greatest focus recently include reishi, chaga and cordyceps. These are some of the most potent variants, packed with minerals, beta-glucans and unique compounds that help to promote our general wellbeing. 


As adaptogens they are recognised to manage the body's relationship with stress, be that physical, emotional or environmental.


Adaptogenic mushrooms can be incorporated into any lifestyle easily, especially when using more potent mushrooms which are easier to digest, such as our Golden Shrooms. These mushrooms can be added to hot water to make tea, or they can be blended into smoothies”.


Finding your zen with CBD 

Mental health rates have been impacted heavily by the pandemic, during a year best characterised by upheaval. 


Searches for the term ‘anxiety’ have reached their highest levels in 16 years, with a considerable spike coinciding with the lockdown restrictions imposed on the UK in March. 


Wellness in 2021 will be shaped by this as a result, and one of the most popular trends set to dominate next year is Cannabidiol oil, commonly known as CBD. 


Derived from the cannabis plant, CBD is a proven remedy for a variety of ailments. From pain relief to reducing the effects of anxiety and depression, to tackling acne and aiding sleep, CBD is emerging in products throughout the wellness sector. 


Searches for ‘CBD drops for anxiety’ are up 2,750%, with The Drug Store recording a 200% in year on year sales of CBD products. CBD expert Julie Moltke said:


“Because CBD works on so many levels in the body it is one of the most useful supplements for overall well being. 


It is an anti-inflammatory and an antioxidant which benefits almost every lifestyle disease. It then works on our mental and emotional well-being; by interacting with the serotonin system in the brain it increases calm and reduces stress and anxiety. CBD has also proven very powerful in helping improve sleep quality for many people.


As part of an overall healthy lifestyle I recommend taking CBD 2-3 times daily (with a fatty meal for better absorption e.g nuts and seeds or avocado)”.


‘E’ for everyday

Spending more time indoors in 2020 gave many of us the chance to strip our routines back to the bare minimum, and 2021 skincare looks set to follow suit. By having a minimal regime, you need the products that’ll provide the best all-round benefits. 


Vitamin E is another rising favourite when it comes to tackling multiple concerns, and searches for ‘what does vitamin e do for your skin’ are up by 150%.


Vitamin E is packed with antioxidants which help to remove free radicals in the skin. It’s often associated with healing and cell restoration, hence why you’ll find it in SPF products including Nuori Mineral Defence SPF. 


A vitamin E based product or supplement provides everyday protection for the skin. Lauren Windas said:


As an everyday ingredient, vitamin E is A potent antioxidant, and it can help to protect your body’s cells from damage and slow down the aging process. Because of vitamin E’s role in fighting free radical formation, it is believed to be a useful nutrient in maintaining immune system health.


Vitamin E can also be beneficial for reducing UV damage to the skin, which is also critically important since levels can decline upon exposure”. 

These wellness and skincare must-haves look set to dominate shopping carts as we prepare to give self care a 2021 refresh. Of course, getting the most out of a wellness regime means committing to each step every day to enter the new year with good habits and enjoy your best ever glow, feeling good inside and out! 

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