Top 10 Tips to Reduce Stress

Top 10 Tips to Reduce Stress

A Few Ways to Feel Less Overwhelmed 

September is here which means summer is coming to an end. For some people, this month is a time to reset, like an early new year and for others it can be a stressful time. After being away and in the sun worrying about nothing, it’s time to get back to our busy lives and some of us might have a hard time managing the stress thrown at us. There’s good and bad stress, the good one is the one that motivates you to keep you going and achieve loads throughout the day. The bad stress is the one that’s holding you back from feeling and being your best self, the one you desperately want to shake off. 

We have a few tips to help you melt the stress away. 

How to reduce stress

1. Avoid caffeine

A cup of coffee always sounds nice, like it’s going to uplift whenever you feel like your mood is a bit down. But on the contrary, drinking caffeine when you’re stressed is only going to make you stress even more. Plus you might not be able to fall asleep, which is the last thing you need when you’re feeling stressed.

2. Take a break 

Don’t let yourself feel overwhelmed and simply take a step back, go outside for a little while and take a breather. Use that time to empty your head and mentally get away from everything that’s making you feel stressed. It might only be five or ten minutes, but they could really turn your day around.  

3. Listen to some soothing music 

We all have those songs and playlists we like to listen to when we feel happy, sad, well you also need something to listen to when you feel stressed. Go for something calm, with slower beats and mellow instruments. 

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4. Talk to someone you love 

Call a close friend, a family member, someone you know that’s going to be able to get your mind off whatever is worrying you. One of the great things about this era of technology is that it’s very easy to call or FaceTime a loved one. Being far away from people you’re close to can be hard but thankfully they’re only a call or text away. 

5. Exercise 

Not everyone’s favourite but a great way to get away while still getting yourself moving. You don’t have to do anything too intense but just enough to help you feel better afterwards. Go for a run while listening to some calm tunes, go to a yoga class or even just going for a walk is enough.  

6. Meditation 

Some people practice everyday, for others it’s more of a spontaneous thing. Meditating is one of the best ways to completely get your mind off things and to focus on yourself right in the moment. There are many apps out there that you can use or even do it by yourself without a guide. Find what works for you. 

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7. Unplug 

When you get home, completely unplug. Turn off your phone or put in flight mode. Stay away from any type of technology that could add to your stress. You can always watch something on Youtube or a heart-warming film. But don’t turn on the news or check what you have to do at work the next day. 

8. Read your favourite book 

Nothing will help you get your mind off things than drowning yourself into another world. Start reading a new book or read your favourite one again. Let your mind escape completely.  

9. Eat the right foods 

There are foods you can eat that will help lower your stress levels. Just like caffeine, stay away from sugar. It’s only going to give a sugar rush, which might make you feel more stressed and then crash. Have some healthy fatty food like some salmon or avocado, and don’t forget about your food supplements

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10. Spend some time alone - self-care 

When you’re feeling stressed, the last thing you need is to have other people tell you about their worries and stress you out even more. Go home and have an evening to yourself and only do things that relax you. Light a candle, take a warm bath and do a face mask. Enjoy that time to really recentre and focus on yourself only. 

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