Our Top 10 Tips for Better Sleep

Our Top 10 Tips for Better Sleep

How to Sleep Better

Sleep is at the core of our wellbeing and we have to make sure we make it a priority to give our bodies the rest they deserve. Being sleep-deprived can affect you on many levels: your mood, your productivity, your memory, your energy levels, your ability to think clearly...hard to work in these conditions! 

Even though you may not feel like at first, a lack of sleep in the long run will make you feel quite stressed and could potentially lead to serious mental health disorders. 

Good sleep is a big part of self-care and your wellness, so we’re here to help you catch some good Zzz for some better days. 


Here are our 10 tips to sleep better: 


We all know it but many of us still drink coffee quite late in the day. Caffeine can stay in your body for up to 12 hours. Make sure you cut off caffeine six hours before you go to bed. 2 or 3pm is an ideal time to stop drinking coffee. 

2. Get cosy

Create a healthy and comfortable environment for yourself - make sure that the room is completely dark and that you’ve cut out noise (as much as you can at least). You can always have dimmed lights and some white noise but try not to go to sleep with loud music on. Having loud noises will keep your mind from unwinding completely and will keep you from getting a good night’s sleep. 


3. Lights out

Once the lights are off, screens must be off as well. When the lights are off, turning on a screen is very stimulating for your eyes and will have a really bad effect on your sleep. Technology has taken over our daily lives and for many of us it’s hard to detach ourselves from it. Scrolling through instagram for five minutes before you go to sleep might sound completely harmless but it might have a really bad effect on your sleep. 

4. Time to Unwind

Many people have a hard time unwinding in the night time, so many thoughts start racing in our minds as we’re trying to go to sleep.

If that’s your case, try meditating, or reading a nice fiction book, maybe write in a journal. Try and find the best way to escape for you, something that will calm you down and release you from the stress you might be feeling. 


5. Consistency is Key

Be consistent and establish a routine. Your circadian clock syncs with your daily habits and needs consistency to help you function properly. Going to bed and waking up around the same time everyday are a big part of having good sleep hygiene.  After a while you’ll see that you won’t even need an alarm clock anymore. 


6. Go Alcohol-free

Even though it always sounds nice to have some wine or beer at dinner, alcohol is actually quite stimulating so falling asleep might be a bit difficult.

Alcohol also has a way of interfering with your internal clock, which will make it hard for your body to adjust to a routine. 

7. Eat light 

According to The Thirty, what you eat before bed has an impact on the way you're going to sleep. Although when you’re very full, you feel like falling asleep, that’s always temporary and you’ll get is a nap and wake up feeling a bit drowsy.

Don’t go to bed with an empty stomach either, otherwise you’ll wake up feeling extra tired the next morning. Food is fuel and it’s important you eat the right ones. 

8. Hydration 

We talk so much about how hydration is key and that you should drink water first thing in the morning. Hydrating before you go to sleep is also very important, your body dehydrates a lot during the night so make sure you get some water in before you go to sleep. 

 Top 10 Tips to sleep better Thedrug.store Goop Essential Oils

9. Aromatherapy

Essential oils - aromatherapy is an amazing natural way of coping with stress. Having an essential oil diffuser near your bed or adding a few drops on your pillowcase will help you unwind. 

10. Relax your Body 

Don’t exercise in the evening - getting your body moving will mainly wake your body up and stimulate you. Going for a run in the evening or doing some type of cardio exercise will get your body going and you’ll probably end up laying in bed without a bone in your body wanting to go to sleep. Doing some stretches or yoga are a nice way to unwind. 

Our bodies and minds are all different and it’s about finding something that works for you and sticking to it. We have a tendency of neglecting our sleep and sometimes run on only a few hours of sleep thinking that it’s enough for us. 

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