The Nue Co Supplements: Review

The Nue Co Supplements: Review

Who are The Nue Co? 

The Nue Co is one of the leading brands in the wellness and supplement industry in the UK, and one of our most popular brands. They create potent and effective supplements and what we like the most is that they're all in accord with our different pillars of health. 

The brand was founded in 2017 by Jules Miller who wanted to create a line of supplements that was different than most on the market. Many supplements you will find on the shelves usually contain more filler and bulking agents than actual active ingredients. She wanted to change that with a brand new line of products. 

With consumers being more conscious of the food and the food supplements they consume, this was the right path to take. The Nue Co put wellbeing at the centre, whether it is from the food we consume, the daily habits we have like exercising or the food supplements we take! 

What are the best supplements from The Nue Co? 

The Nue Co’s range of products keeps growing, but we have products that our customers keep buying: 

    This is one of The Nue Co’s signature products for a healthy gut and one of our most popular products overall. This was also one of their first formulas that they developed. Gut health and probiotic supplements have become really popular in the last year and we've been able to see it, with our other supplements that we carry as well. 


      With everyone working from home this year, nootropic supplements have soared in the past year and The Nue Co Nootro-Focus is a really popular one. This clinically-proven formula aids to bring mental clarity and put you in the right mindset to be effective and productive. Unlike many nootropics you will find on the market, these capsules don't contain any caffeine and only have adaptogens like L-theanine to also bring you a sense of calm. 

      This one was also rated #1 nootropic supplement in the UK! 

        Sleep is one of the biggest health concerns that people have in the UK - whether they don't get enough sleep or have bad quality sleep, so they look for supplements to help them relax and sleep better. Most importantly, people are on the hunt for natural sleep supplements that won't form any habit. 

        The Sleep Drops from The Nue Co is formulated with natural ingredients like valerian root and passionflower, which will naturally bring your tranquility to your body and mind to help you sleep better. This formulation aims to lower your brain activity and bring you to a state of tranquillity. This formulation aims to quickly reduce gut discomfort and help you feel less bloated.

          The Pill is a one-of-a-kind serum that brings together three powerful ingredients in one. The Nue Co keeps on developing one of a kind products and proves that they’re amazing at it with The Pill, which contains caffeine, AHA and hyaluronic acid. If these words don’t mean much to you, they are some of the best skincare active ingredients and combined together, they are a superblend of goodness for your skin. 

          Read our review of The Pill here 

          Why is The Nue Co different from other supplements? 

          The Nue Co focus on using the best ingredients in their products with as little filler possible. They source the ingredients from sustainable and organic crops when possible, as they want to ensure their products are efficient and make you feel the best you can. 

          In The Nue Co supplements, 100% of the products contain nourishing ingredients for the body. Their goal is to remind people that what you put in your body is what makes you feel good, that’s why they often speak about diet and eating the right foods. Their supplements don’t make up for what we don’t eat but just help supplement a diet that needs a little help. 

          The Nue Co focuses on using pure ingredients. They understand the importance of sourcing their minerals and vitamins from the best places. 

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