Choosing the Right CBD Strength

Choosing the Right CBD Strength

Find the Right CBD strength for You

Your first CBD oil will most likely be quite low concentration, between 300 and 500mg and most people want to buy something stronger afterwards. Not because the 500mg oil doesn’t have any effect but more so because going for something stronger is usually a better value. 

We always say and stress the fact that CBD oil is the most effective way of taking CBD. With an oil, the absorption is the fastest and also when you leave it under your tongue, it goes straight into your bloodstream. 

There's a broad spectrum of CBD in the UK and we’re happy to carry CBD oils of all different strengths and tastes because two people never like the same product and some like to keep their options open. 

Buy Medterra 1000mg CBD Oil UK

1000mg CBD oil is usually the next step for those who bought a 500mg but want something stronger or just want something that will last longer. 

TheDrug.Store 1000mg

CBDistillery 1000mg 

Medterra 1000mg 

Trip Orange Blossom 1000mg (66mg per dropper)

What is considered high-strength CBD: 

1125mg - OTO CBD has formulated the CBD Power Drops to enhance your morning routine and get you focused for your day. Additional botanicals have been selected to complement the effects of CBD to help with mood, digestion and immunity to promote energised calm.

3000mg - Medterra wanted to make sure you could get something stronger than their 1000mg because it's important to have options for everyone. Having a stronger oil doesn't always mean you're taking more. 

For many people, CBD has been a lifeline that they take every day. Even if you take a relatively low dose, getting a high-dose oil can mean that you take less of it and it therefore lasts you longer. This is why we have formulated our own 3000mg CBD oil that contains 100mg CBD in every dropper. 


The Strongest CBD Oil in the UK

Many companies advertise as providing strong CBD oil by only giving you a percentage. We don't agree with this, as it can be very misleading to the consumer. With percentages, you can simply shrink down the bottle size and claim a higher percentage of CBD. As with any food supplement, we are giving you the CBD content in mg; and what you see is what you get. 

If you want to calculate the percentage amount of any of our CBD oils, this is the formula to convert the amounts: mg/(ml*10)

The strongest CBD oils we have on-site are our own-brand 3000mg CBD oil, the Apothem Day Drops and the Apothem Defence Drops. All of these CBD tinctures give you 100mg CBD per dropper. 

Buy strong CBD hemp oil online UK

Strong CBD oils for the hemp lovers

We talk a lot about the tasteless oils because they seem to be our customers’ favourite since they’re so easy to incorporate into your food or they’re just more pleasant to keep under the tongue. But we also have hempy/earthy oils as well. We find it important to have options for everyone.

Apothem tinctures are a favourite of ours and our customers. We value the fact that the two co-founders, Amelia and Tony, have such a holistic approach and crafted products for specific needs with the best ingredients and botanicals.

How Much CBD oil should I take? 

Start low and go slow is the number one rule when it comes to how to dose CBD. A standard dose of CBD is about 20mg, which usually equals to a dropper full of a 500mg oil. But we're all different and we all respond to CBD in different ways. if you feel like you need to take more, feel free to do so but always make sure you increase your amount slowly. 

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