Our Father’s Day Gift Guide 2021

Our Father’s Day Gift Guide 2021

Gift Ideas for the men in your life

We have curated the best products on our site for Father’s Day, so you can show the special men in your life how much they mean to you. Wellness is for everyone, and since men tend to disregard their wellbeing, we want to help change the negative connotations associated with that. Check out our exclusive guides with some of the most popular products for dads.


Gift the gift of deep muscle treatments – wherever they are and whatever their activity levels. Therabody’s Theragun Prime is the perfect device for an athletic or active parent, a work-or-stay-from-home dad, or simply for individuals looking to release everyday stress and strain. The Theragun Prime with its percussive therapy features releases tensions in seconds – all from the comfort of your home.

Also available in the smaller version, perfect for on-the-go– Theragun Mini


Form Nutrition Multi

A daily nutrient peace of mind in two capsules – nutrition made simple! The Form Nutrition Multi multivitamin covers all his daily vitamin and mineral requirements; including Vitamin D3 for immunity, and DHA and Choline for brain health. Help your dad live his best life by ensuring there are no nutritional gaps in his diet and gift him these Multi capsules that have the most bioavailable forms of all nutrients.

Form Nutrition Multi


Treat him to a gut makeover – awareness around gut health is massively increasing, and scientists have found links between gut health and immunity, gut health and skin problems, and even chronic diseases, such as IBS, and an imbalanced microbiome.

Symprove is a water-based formula that helps to support the gut microbiome and balance gut bateria. It does not trigger digestion, and the unique formulation of live-bacteria is able to survive in the harsh acidic environment of the stomach and thrive in the gut to colonise successfully.

Choose between the Original Flavour and Mango Passionfruit.

Symprove Original Flavour

The Nue Co Forest Lungs Fragrance

This unisex functional Forest Lungs fragrance aims to help lower stress levels and bring about a sense of calm. The scent notes are woody and smoky and remind of a walk in a forest, breathing in the clean air and escaping the everyday chaos, which, let’s be honest, most of us could use more of. It contains the same chemical, phytoncides, that is emitted by trees and is believed to play a role in immunity.

This fragrance works with the direct line that our sense of smell has to three of the most important areas of the brain, which regulate stress levels and many other things.

The Nue Co Forest Lungs

Biocol Labs Something for a Mini Rehab

The perfect product for the day after a long night in the pub. If taken before drinking alcohol, Biocol Labs Something for a Mini Rehab can help maintain the liver function and break down the alcohol that he is ingesting. A morning after without the usual headache and feelings of lethargy? Yes please! He’ll be able to spend his time with you and other loved ones, instead of nursing his headache.  

 Biocol Labs Something for a Mini Rehab

We also have some specialised bundles available; the Energy Bundle is perfect for those days when he needs some extra energy boosts, in either the morning or midday. It contains the nootropics blend capsules from Form Nutrition, called Boost, or the Biocol Labs Something for the Knackered, which contain magnesium and ginseng, as well some Energy Food + Prebiotic from The Nue Co.

Or, if he’s a fan of or interested in CBD, gift The CBD Bundle with some of our most popular CBD products; our popular 1000mg CBD oil, some CBD gummies, and the ThisWorks CBD Skin Booster set.


Check out our entire Father’s Day Collection for more ideas and suggestions!

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