The New Additions to TheDrug.Store

The New Additions to TheDrug.Store


You might have noticed that we’ve made a few changes recently and you definitely deserve a little explanation. 

So we took a step back and realized that our customers would come to see us with issues like stress or bad sleep, and although we know that CBD is great to help with these, it’s also not the answer to everything. We’ve always had a strong holistic approach towards health and wellness and it’s important for us to curate products that help with the problems you come to us with. 

Our daily life can take a toll on us, commuting in the morning and evening, a stressful job, going to the gym, taking care of yourself at home… it feels like the day goes by fast and you haven’t had a second to breathe. We know the feeling and we want to do our best to help you feel better. We’ve now welcomed seven new brands that develop clean and natural food supplements that will help with those issues. We hand-picked and curated them, making sure that their vision aligned with ours, that they had efficient products that were easy to understand. 

TheDrug.Store's Pillars of Health

Together with our scientific advisor, we pinpointed the issues that would come up the most and with established our 7 pillars of health: 

We know that these are the demands we get the most from our customers but we also took a look at ourselves, our own needs and it’s interesting to see that in the end, we’re all concerned by the same stuff. 

If you think about it, all these pillars are actually connected and if you one of them is off, there’s a domino effect that will affect your daily life and wellbeing. But have no fear, we’re here to help, not only with new brands and products but also with new content. We want to make sure you’re able to get answers through this platform. We also opened a Wellness Studio at our City location, where we host meditation sessions, yoga classes and many more! 

Form Nutrition Edge Capsules UK Thedrug.Store

Let’s quickly break down each pillar: 

  • Sleep: Probably one of our most talked about topics but it’s also at the heart of our wellbeing. Sleep really is at the core of our health and around 30% of adults don’t get enough sleep. We’re not making any promises but we also want to provide the best help for you to improve your quality of sleep. 
  • Stress: Family, work, personal life… this modern society is just making us feel more stressed every day that passes by and there comes a point where we just don’t know how to handle it. We know how you feel and we chose some of the best products to help 
  • Energy and focus: bad sleep and feeling stressed already start adding up and keep you from being and doing your best at work. Stop feeling sluggish and find the right product that will give you that boost to help you do your best at work! 
  • Relief: Going to the gym, sleeping in an odd position, carrying heavy stuff… many reasons why our bodies just want us to stop us and need relief. Whether it’s local or general, we want to make sure we’re helping give the body the love it deserves. And a healthy body also means a healthy mind! 
  • Gut health: You might have heard of the gut-brain connection. Gut health is more and more acknowledge as a pillar of health and it just makes sense! If you’re feeling stressed and not sleeping well, your stomach and gut will feel and you may feel more bloated than usual or have a hard time with digestion. Our collection or probiotics and prebiotics is exactly what you need. A healthy gut also means a healthier brain, which means more productivity! 
  • Intimacy: There’s still a stigma around sexual health and we understand it may be odd to talk about it, but we want to break the taboo around intimacy and sexual health. It’s not just about physical but also emotional wellbeing, it’s about finding the right balance, knowing what’s right for you. 
  • Beauty: It’s just as important that you feel good from the inside out, it’s not about being shallow or prioritizing the way you look. But when you feel good, it’s important that it also shows, we all love it when we’re told we look glowy and healthy. Whether it’s through skincare or supplements that will help you feel your best, we’re sure you’ll find something that suits!

The Nue Co. Sleep Drops UK


Our new brands: 

The Nue Co.

Misfits Health

Biocol Labs


Form Nutrition 


Equi London 

All these brands and products only aim to help us feel our best, to give us a boost whenever we need it. Their products are simple are efficient and we couldn’t be happier to now have them as part of TheDrug.Store. 

What about CBD?

Don’t worry, we still have all your favourite CBD brands and products, they’re not going anywhere! This is how we started and we’re not letting it go but we just wanted to broaden our horizons and offer more to our customers. You'll still be able to get some of the best CBD oils, CBD edibles, CBD Capsules and CBD Creams

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