Our Medterra CBD Review (UK & EU)

Our Medterra CBD Review (UK & EU)

Medterra CBD Review

Medterra are a Kentucky based CBD company specialising in making CBD products containing absolutely zero THC in them as they make it from CBD isolates. 

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Our favourite part of Medterra is that they only use USA-grown organic hemp and provide batch testing on every single product - meeting our seal of approval! Medterra is a company that has shot up in popularity in the US after launching just a few years ago. Why? The products contain pure CBD in their oils, capsules and creams - earning thousands of happy, returning customers.

Since partnering with TheDrug.Store to sell Medterra CBD in the UK and EU, we have seen many of our customers opting to go for Medterra due to it's purity and fantastic range of innovative products.


Medterra CBD Oil

Medterra have a great range of mid to high strength CBD oils available with us. All with 30ml of CBD oil in each bottle, the tincture comes with a pipette allowing you to get consistent amounts of CBD each time. We recommend to take around 1ml of the oil but you could also go for a stronger CBD oil and simply take less! 

We love these oils as they are completely tasteless and do not have that "hempy" taste most oils have. This is important as we recommend to hold the oil under your tongue for around 1 minute - not ideal if it tastes bad!

The oils available are:

- 500mg (16mg CBD per ml)
- 1000mg (33mg CBD per ml)
- 3000mg (100mg CBD per ml)


Medterra 500mg cbd oil tincture uk

If you know your dose (e.g. 25mg) we recommend you to buy the 1000mg or 3000mg as it's more cost effective and will last you longer!

We recommend you to always look at the MG in the bottle and not PERCENTAGE when looking for CBD - the simple reason is, manufacturers can shrink the size of the bottle, keep the same amount of CBD and the concentration (%) goes up. Typically they charge more for this! At TheDrug.Store we make sure all our brands make it clear how much CBD is in their products.

With Medterra, you can see there is a massive amount of CBD which makes it a very strong and great oil to have!


Medterra CBD Capsules

Another favourite of ours is the  are the CBD isolate capsules in 25mg and 50mg concentrations, these easy to use capsules make taking your daily CBD a breeze! 

Just take one and away you go! 

- 50mg Capsules
- 25mg Capsules

What we lover about Medterra is that they are innovative and have developed other CBD products that use botanicals to boost the presence of the CBD. Take a look at their CBD Good Morning Capsules and their Female Monthly Wellness ones! Mixed with ingredients such as L-Tyrosine, Caffeine, B6, B12 and Cramp Bark.

Medterra CBD monthly wellness female capsules

Why Choose Medterra CBD in the UK?

1) Committed to Quality

Medterra are deeply committed to quality, and are part of the Kentucky Hemp Pilot Research Program - with some of the most strictly regulated hemp in the world! These guys take their quality seriously and is why we always recommend Medterra as a fantastic brand for people to try! 

2) Strong and Mighty

The tinctures start at 500mg and go to 3000mg making it great for everyone - the products are strong meaning you are getting the most out of the product. A few of us at TheDrug.Store HQ have Medterra on our bedside table!

3) Pure

Medterra are producing unbelievably pure products, tested all by 3rd party labs. These are 99.9% pure, so when we say 500mg, you're getting 500mg! This sounds like that's what should happen, but believe us, it's not! We have tried and tested hundreds of CBD oils in the UK market and Medterra is one of the best and most reliable.

4) They are Big!

Trusted by thousands of athletes and consumers, Medterra is one of the biggest CBD brands on the planet (let alone the EU and UK!) - this means they have great products, amazing facilities, top of the range testing and (importantly) low pricing! 

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