Interview: How Medterra is Changing the CBD Market in the UK and EU

Interview: How Medterra is Changing the CBD Market in the UK and EU

Medterra and TheDrug.Store 

At TheDrug.Store, we want to be completely transparent with you and allow our customers to get to know the brands we work with. 

That’s why we are starting this interview series, because we want you to learn more about who we work with and the brands you buy from. We understand how important it is as a consumer to have all the information you can gather about something you’re buying. 

For our first interview, we talked to Koen Ridder, who is the CEO of Medterra Europe. 

Medterra is one of the top CBD brands in the US and we’re happy to be part of those who are bringing it to the UK market. They have a range of high-quality CBD products like CBD oil, creams and capsules. This brand is an example of quality and consistency in terms of CBD products and is leading the way for other CBD brands in the UK and the EU. 

Medterra is one of the brands that has been with us since the beginning of the TheDrug.Store which is why we think it makes sense to have them be first in this line-up. 

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1. What was your first experience with CBD?

The first time I ever tried CBD was back in 2016 at a tradeshow. 

2. Is CBD part of your daily routine? 

Yes, CBD is part of my daily morning routine.  

3. How long did it take to develop your products? 

It took us over a year to develop the perfect formula.

4. What’s the biggest misconception about CBD/your brand? 

Many people think that you can get high from taking CBD, which is not the case.  

5. What made you want to start your own CBD brand?

We were selling raw isolate to several companies prior to starting the Medterra brand. Then we saw some gaps in the market space and wanted to make CBD available to all.

That's when we decided we wanted to make our own brand. 

6. What is the purpose of the brand? 

Our goal is to bring premium CBD products at an affordable price. 

7. What are you hoping to achieve on the UK market? 

We want to become one of the top brands in the U.K market, with quality consumers can trust.

We also want to bring science into our products to stand out in a crowded market space.

8. How would you describe your customer base? Who are you targeting? 

Our customer based would be every consumer who would like to experience premium CBD and focused on the young to mid-age active person.

9. What has been the biggest challenge for your brand so far? 

So far, the biggest challenge for us has been making sure we stay compliant in all the different markets we are operating in.

10. What is the next step, chapter for your brand? 

Our next step is to bring cutting edge technology and products into the market.



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