NEW EVENT: TheDrug.Store is Coming to Live Well London!

NEW EVENT: TheDrug.Store is Coming to Live Well London!

We're coming to Live Well

We’re very excited to announce that will be at Live Well London from March 1st-3rd!

Live Well is our first appearance at a health and wellness convention where your wellbeing is at the core. It will be your opportunity meet some of the most influential people in the health and wellness community such as Alice Liveing, Adrienne Herbert and Rosie Millen. Divided into four sections Well Moved, Well Balanced, Well Nourished and Well Restored, Live Well has your best interest at stake and makes it easier for you to target your needs. It is an opportunity to get hands-on advice from the best experts out there, workout with some renowned trainers and discover some new brands.

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As CBD is getting bigger, we’re happy to announce we’ll be there, ready to answer any question you might have and we will also have some of products with us. This is the opportunity to learn more about CBD and its benefits for those who might have questions or who are just simply curious. It’s also an opportunity for us to meet you guys and provide the information that you need. We’re also excited to meet CBD users who are curious and might want to discover new brands and new products. team is looking forward to meeting you guys!    

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