Let's Talk about Sexual Wellness

Let's Talk about Sexual Wellness

For years people have shied away from openly discussing sexual wellness and female intimate health however, in more recent times, we have finally started to see the beginnings of this taboo being tackled. People are realising that intimacy and sexual wellbeing are inextricably linked to our general wellness. From your sleep levels, stress levels, gut health to mental health and more, all of these have a profound impact on your overall sexual wellness. 

With femtech brands redefining the industry, through the normalisation of female pleasure, and both men and women beginning to openly partake in discussions of the importance of female sexual wellness, we have curated an edit of intimate products to ensure that our community has access to the best sexual wellness products just as easily as they do to products for other health needs. 

The Science Behind Intimacy….

A general rule of thumb is that people who have good intimate relationships are generally more robust towards the ups and downs of everyday life. This is both the case for emotional intimacy with friends and family and the intimate relationship with yourself and your partner. 

Let’s Talk About CBD and Sex….

CBD is soaring to success in the UK market and even though it is a supplement at the root, it’s now being used in all sorts of products. You can put it in your drinks, your food and now even your vagina? Female wellness is a big concern and it’s not just about discomfort but also about pleasure. CBD lube, suppositories, orgasm spray… they’re gaining momentum in the wider wellness industry and people can’t get enough.

Using CBD for intimacy can help ease any body tension and relax. Many women feel discomfort during sex. CBD products can help women feel freer and help them let go during intimate times. 

  • Our friends at Foria are hitting the right spot with their extensive CBD range of products with intimacy and female wellness at its core. With the Cosmo Stamp of Sexcellence, Foria Awaken is considered one of the best sex enhancement products out there! If that doesn’t make you want to try it, then we don’t know what will. 
  • Foria’s sexy CBD suppositories also deserve a spotlight of their own, they’re designed to help ease tension and elevate erotic enjoyment with the soothing & activating effects of our broad-spectrum hemp extract. Insert, relax, and enjoy!
  • OTO’s CBD Amplify Roll-on is also ideal for amplifying the moment and connecting with the people and sensations around you. This is a product that will make sure you savour every intimate moment and experience.


Foria Sex Oil


We are Vibing Vibrators….. 

The female pleasure wizards at Smile Makers are spreading good vibrations throughout the industry with their line of innovative female personal massagers. They are shifting the perception of vibrators by making them a premium and innovative wellness essential. 

They create vibrators based on women’s desires and needs, and also to help them feel more comfortable about their sexual health. Inspired by female fantasies - The Surfer, The Tennis Coach, The Millionaire and The Frenchman, there is something for everyone... 

Smile Maker's Surfer


Sexy Supplements are Here to Stay…

Sometimes women need a helping hand, there is no shame in that, and we’ve got a line up of saucy supplements that will help lift any libido and support your sexual wellness:

  • Anatome Libido + Stress Support capsules - these help to regulate stress and sexual hormones, balance your mood and give you energy all at tone. These capsules are made with adaptogens and vitamins to work with your body in a natural way.
  • Invivo Bio.Me Femme UT - is a multi-strain live bacteria formula, which simultaneously works on the gut, vagina and urinary microbiome to support and balance these female ecosystems. This formula is ideal for those who struggle with regular UTIs.
Anatome Libido + Stress Support

It Takes Two to Tango….

Whilst a lot of our products focus on female pleasure… we don’t want anyone to feel left so we have pulled together bedroom must haves that are suitable for all:

  • Hanx - have created 100% natural and vegan condoms that are completely body-safe. You get to enjoy the moment while putting your sexual wellness first. We would recommend you purchase their accompanying lube for the ultimate pleasurable experience.
  • This Works Love Sleep Pillow Spray is a 100% natural superblend of essential oils for more intense intimate moments and better sleep. This blend will encourage relaxation and a sense of wellbeing, paving the way for pleasure, togetherness and sleep.

Hanx Vegan Condoms

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