Is CBD oil Vegan?

Is CBD oil Vegan?

Vegan From My Head Tomatoes

Is you have a problem with vegan puns then please lettuce know (sorry). Veganism is growing at a rapid pace and shows no signs of slowing in 2019. A recent study by showed there has been a huge amount of people joining the plant revolution and has swelled to over 3.5million in the UK alone (and 7million veggies!). With that comes the all important question - is cbd vegan?

Is CBD Vegan? UK CBD at TheDrug.Store

Is CBD Vegan?

Of course, cannabidiol is vegan as a compound as it's derived from hemp and simply extracted - but when it comes to the ingredients it is mixed with, the lines are blurred, so we are going to help you out a bit!

All the CBD oils sold on TheDrug.Store are vegan - we haven't come across one that isn't, and there's a reason for this. Cannabis oil and CBD oil is make by mixing the extracted compounds with a carrier oil such as Hemp, MCT and Coconut oil. However, as the leading supplier of CBD in the UK, we are more than just oils, and so is CBD! Some of our most popular products are CBD capsules and creams

This blur the line somewhat as capsules can be made from non-vegan sources and the CBD cosmetics are very often not vegan friendly!

So here is our list of our favourite Vegan and Crulety-Free CBD products!

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The Vegan CBD Shortlist

1) Smooth as You Like

Kicking of with our favourite cosmetic product, the Dr.K skin cream is loved by so many and a favourite of Gwyneth Paltrow and Goop! The cream doesn't just rely on CBD though, it's an amazing standalone skin cream and then they packed a whole bunch of CBD in there too - double win. 

This cream is also fragrance free, prefect for a body and face cream. 

Plus the Dr.K team kick butt! 

2) Put a Cap on it

This one is a best kept secret. Vegan CBD capsules are not an easy thing to find - most use Bovine Gelatine. But we haven't forgotten about our vegan friends either, these CBD capsules from Infinite CBD are made from vegetable gelatin and MCT oil! Coming in two sizes, there is also a 10capsule sample size for those new to cbd and wanting to try it out!

3) Soothing Veganism

Want a vegan cream to have a soothing effectafter your gym session? Looking for one can be a painful task (sorry, again). Fast CBD is our favourite vegan pain cream , packed full of menthol delivering an immediate cooling effect. 

4) Dropper Like it's Hot

As mentioned, all are oils are vegan so go crazy! Organic too? Sure no problem - Try Kat's Naturals, Yuyo Botanics and Medterra!


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