Is CBD Oil Organic?

Is CBD Oil Organic?

You are what you eat

Following our article explaining whether or not CBD oil is vegan, one of the other concerns people have regarding the nature of CBD is whether or not CBD is organic. People like to curate the products they consume, always putting their wellbeing first. People like to go to the farmer’s market and know the source of the product they are buying. The same goes for CBD, since it comes from the hemp plant, it’s always good to be informed about where and when it is grown. During our pop-ups, customers would often ask where our hemp is sourced and if it is organic.


From farm to bottle

We sell products that come from organically grown hemp. It is important to point out that CBD is not organic, the hemp it's extracted from is. So when brands say that their CBD is organic, it actually means that it is extracted from Organic Hemp, that’s why you’ll often see ‘Organic Hemp Extract’. With our brands, we’re able to know where the hemp is grown and make sure that it is certified organic.

Once the CBD is extracted, the final CBD product (CBD oil, CBD capsules, CBD cream) varies depending on the carrier oil they use and the other botanicals they might add. Our best example is Yuyo Botanics, Christie and Amanda grow their certified organic hemp in Tennessee and use organic hemp oil and botanicals in their blends. They focus on the soil’s health, making sure that there are no heavy metals, pesticides or chemicals as they could be absorbed by the plant. They want to ensure that they deliver the highest quality products possible. It’s also important that they grow in small batches in order to focus on the quality of their hemp rather than the quantity.


Keep it clean

It’s important to take care of our skin with the right products. Having a proper routine, cleansing our face everyday, moisturizing and everything in between. But to make sure we do this well, we need to use products that contain the best ingredients for us. When it comes to our skin, it is even more important to use products that are clean, free of chemicals, perfume and pesticides that could actually be harmful instead of soothing. In their face oil, Kiskanu only use organic oils, same goes for Kat’s Naturals who only use natural and organic oils in their serum (as well as CBD from organically-grown).

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