CBD on your Skin: How Does it Work?

CBD on your Skin: How Does it Work?

[Updated 23rd June 2021]

Cannabis on Your Skin 

Cannabidiol (CBD) is gaining a lot of attention and is most commonly taken as an oil or capsules.  Recently, CBD in cosmetics has been on the rise and we are seeing a lot of people use CBD on their skin to help keep that glow.

Let’s take care of our skin to keep it glowing and youthful for as long as they can in the most natural way possible. We’ve been hearing about leaving out ingredients like alcohol, strong chemicals, perfume because they dry out your skin and will make you use more of the product. During the day our skin is exposed to a lot of dirt and chemicals, the last thing we want is to add more of those on our skin!

Instead of using those ingredients, try and use products with more natural ingredients like coconut oil, organic plant oils, healthy acids and CBD. CBD is an incredible, natural compound that nourishes the skin and leaves it bright and beaming when used on a regular basis. Skincare brands that have been on the market for a while like Josie Maran or Herbivore Botanicals are coming out with products with cannabis-derived products. Cannabis Beauty is now hitting the market with new products being released everyday, you want to make sure you go for the right ones.


High-Quality CBD Skincare Products

At TheDrug.Store, we’re expanding our collection of topicals with brands that have your skin’s best interest.

Dr Kerklaan’s Natural Skin Cream is loved and praised by models and also had a feature in Vogue recently. A simple, clean and fragrance-free cream perfect for everyday. 

Apothem Labs are a trusted CBD destination. They have specialised in formulating CBD oils and topicals with nurturing botanicals, depending on needs. Whether you need a more energising formula to light up dull skin, or revive tired muscles with a cooling blend - Apothem has got you!

This Works have launched their effective CBD skincare range with us at TheDrug.Store. Blended with high-grade CBD, ingredients like Vitamin C, or AHA, and natural fragrance from essential oils. Put the health of your skin in the hand of experts, which This Works, with more than 15 years of experience, definitely is. 

Leading premium CBD brand OTO has launched their invigorating selection of roll-ons and body oils with us. Depending on your needs, from Focus to Balance, they have formulated high-CBD content products with holistic botanicals to support you. 


The CBD Facial

CBD facials are starting to bloom now and brands like Young Ldn are offering facial treatments with CBD. Mentioned in Well To-Do or Vogue, this 45-minute facial will bring an extra glow to your skin and you'll be nothing but happy when you're done.


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