Introducing Indi and their Surprisingly Simple Supplements

Introducing Indi and their Surprisingly Simple Supplements


There’s little doubt that the pace, pressures and challenges of modern life impacts what we eat, how we feel and our long-term health.  Indi’s mission is to make taking care of yourself easier with functional supplements that help fill the gaps in typical Western diets. 

Harnessing the power of potent plant-based ingredients, Indi’s 100% natural formulations provide immediate and long-term benefits for mind and body; from building a strong immune system, to aiding digestion and improving mental & physical performance.

Food for Thought 

Indi’s ingredient listings are unusual, packed full of weird and wonderful foods sourced from all over the globe that you wouldn’t normally find on your plate but - according to the experts - should be there. Powdered for maximum nutritional value, these real food ingredients are delivered in effective doses and in forms that the body can actually process, absorb and use.

Bring Back Fibre

Fibre is the most common nutrient deficiency on the planet; in the UK, 9 out of 10 of us don’t get nearly enough from our diets.  Indi's Body is packed full of prebiotic fibre to aid digestion and reduce inflammation. This every day essential supplement also contains a selection of antioxidant-rich foods and digestive biocultures.  Consume first thing in the morning to set you up for the day.  

Find Focus When You Need It

The brain uses more than 20% of our energy, so it is vital to keep it fuelled to perform at a high level day-in, day-out. Indi's Mind contains functional foods that boost circulation and ensure sufficient oxygen is reaching the brain, alongside potent nootropics that enhance alertness, focus and the formation of new neurons. 

Recover Like the Pros

Developed with leading sports nutritionists, Indi’s performance protein blends support you to train harder, recover faster and consistently perform at your best.  In addition to pea and chickpea protein, these supplements include other functional ingredients to rehydrate, reduce muscle soreness and stimulate the metabolism. Select either their Tone or Build blend depending on your fitness goals. 



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