How your Gut Affects your Skin

How your Gut Affects your Skin


You can have your skincare routine on point, with all the best products out there for your skin and still see some imperfections in your skin. Discoloration, congestion, tiny bumps… and you get frustrated because you’re wondering what you’re doing wrong! 

Skincare is a one the pillars of health and it's important to take care of your skin from the inside out. Skincare is a long and difficult journey, as you need to figure out your skin type, the right products for you, the ingredients you need to avoid, how your hormones affect your skin. And sometimes with age, your environment or the seasons, your skin can change. 

The Impact of Gut Health on your Skin | TheDrug.Store

The Impact of Gut Health on your Skin

Something you’re probably neglecting is the impact of your diet on your skin. Not saying that you need to eat only greens and veggies, but eating too many processed foods, fats and sugar can have bad impact on your skin. It also depends on your metabolism and how your gut breaks down the food you eat. We’ve said many times that your gut is connected to your stress levels, your sleep… and it is also connected to your skin and how it looks. Some people are obviously luckier than others and everyone goes through different struggles when it comes to skin problems. 

    When it comes to gut health and your skin, your skin type doesn’t really matter as it comes from how your body digests the food you eat. The things that come into play are the nutrients and also your metabolism. The signs of bad gut health will show on your skin with redness, puffiness, congestion, imperfections and depending on your skin type, it can then be worse. If you have oily skin, having congested skin doesn’t help and you may end up with breakouts. 

    What Foods Should I Eat for Healthy Skin? | TheDrug.Store

    What Foods are Good for my Skin? 

    When it comes to food and skin, if you can, it’s recommended to get tested for intolerances and allergies. These are the foods that you actually want to cut out of your diet, other than that, it’s mainly important to eat a balanced and moderate diet. 

    Some foods that are good for your skin: 

    Fatty acids (like salmon, avocado), antioxidants (turmeric, pomegranate),  water, fiber… Carbs and protein are also essential for your skin, you just need to make sure you’re getting a balanced amount of each category. It isn’t about eating a tablespoon of turmeric and then eating a bag of chips. 

    Foods you want to avoid or eat moderately: 

    The ones you want to eat less of are the foods that will cause inflammation, as your skin will quickly pay the price, especially if you are already prone to redness and acne. These would be ones with a high glycemic index, which are usually processed foods like refined sugar, fizzy drinks, white bread… Because of their processed nature, the body doesn’t digest them as they are less natural. 

    It’s also important to drink a lot of water, it keeps your skin hydrated and for a lot of people, drinking  a bit more water is all they need! 

    Food Supplements for Healthy Skin

    We know it’s not easy to implement all those nutrients or even eat such a balanced diet. The modern lifestyle doesn’t really allow us to meticulously prepare all our meals with the right nutrients. We have many options to order take out, to warm up food or to cook something easy and sometimes the nutritional value isn’t the best. 

    A healthy skin takes some work on the long-term. You need to have a good skincare routine that works well with your skin, eat a balanced diet with the right nutrients, and most importantly, be consistent. Even if your skin is at a good stage, there are always steps you can take for prevention against ageing and imperfections. 

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