How to Use a Gua Sha Face Tool

How to Use a Gua Sha Face Tool


Gua Sha face tools are one of ancient Chinese medicine's best-kept beauty secrets. Crafted with crystals like rose quartz, jade or amethyst, they are made to bring therapeutic and aesthetic benefits. A natural, easy and beautiful way to care for your skin, accessible to everyone. 

Gua Sha Tools are used to depuff the skin, tighten the pores, increase blood circulation and define the skin. 

Although they’ve been around for a long time, Gua Shas and other face tools have become a must-have for anyone who cares for their skin. When used the right way, face tools like a Gua Sha can give you amazing results that your skin will thank you for on the long-term. They will help smooth fine lines and wrinkles, giving you a youthful look for a bit longer. 

Gua Sha Tools come in many shapes: they can be round, heart-shaped, sometimes butterfly-shaped, triangular. There are many different ones, depending what you’d be looking for. 

They also come in multiple types of crystals, the most popular ones are jade, rose quartz and amethyst. Some people like the benefits and vibrations of some crystals more than others. 

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How to use a Gua Sha? 

People use Gua Sha tools to help tighten and sculpt their skin, and it also helps with lymphatic drainage. We build up a lot of water and toxins under the skin, and using a face tool is a great way to get rid of that. If you feel a bit bloated look a bit puffy, a gua sha tool is a great way to make you look more like yourself. 

The best time to use your gua sha is after you've done your skincare your routine. Some like to use their gua sha and then wash their face as they sometimes apply a lot of oil on their face. You can use your gua sha everyday if you'd like, or every other day. You'll have the best results if you use it on a regular basis.  

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Best Products to Use a Gua Sha With

When using a Gua Sha tool, make sure there is a slip on your face, otherwise you will do more damage than good to your skin. Make sure you apply an oil, a few layers of moisturiser or a serum and make sure it creates a barrier between your skin and the tool itself. 

Your skin must be hydrated and plump, if your skin feels dry, make sure to apply the right hydrating products (depending on your skin type.)


Your skin must not have any irritation, if you have active breakouts or recently did microneedling or anything that would make your skin sensitive, don’t use any tools on it. Your skin needs to be ‘healthy’ when you use a Gua Sha otherwise you will be pulling your skin and creating more damage. 

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