The Best Way to Take CBD

The Best Way to Take CBD

How to use CBD 

In the era of the rise of CBD, there’s a wide selection of CBD products out there. If you’re a newbie, you might be wondering what the best one for you is and where to choose from. We’re here to help you figure out what the best option for you is.  

How to use CBD

Let the CBD Oil Soak In

CBD oil is the most ‘famous’ but also the most effective way to take CBD. Although the idea might seem a bit odd, taking CBD under your tongue is the most effective way to use CBD. Drop some CBD oil under your tongue and leave it there for 60 to 90 seconds, until it has completely absorbed into your gums. Why? The oil will go directly into your bloodstream and you’ll be able to feel the effect within half an hour or so. Our tasteless oils are the best place to start. 

Take it On-the-Go 

If you’re not comfortable with keeping oil under your tongue, you could opt for the capsules. They’re the best “on-the-go” product and as efficient as the oil. Carrying a bottle of oil is not the most practical thing and having to keep oil under your tongue in a public setting can be quite an annoyance. 

Also if consistency is what you’re aiming for, caps are the best way to know how much you are taking. The main difference with the oil is that it will take a bit longer, more like an hour to feel any type of effect because you have to digest it. 

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Give your Body a Break

Nobody knows your body better than you do. If you’re feeling some discomfort in certain areas, it’s best to use one of our creams. Perfect to target a specific area and to release you from that discomfort. Our cooling creams from MedTerra and Dr Kerklaan formulated with menthol will release any tension you might be feeling and help get you back on track. 

Got Mints?  

A light and easy way to take CBD. Maybe 20mg all in one go is too much for you and you’d rather take less but take it more often throughout the day. CBD edibles like mints  and gummies are the best way to do so. Keep them in your bag or on your desk at work and take one whenever you feel like your mood is going down, or you need to focus a bit more. 

If your breath needs a little refresh at the end of your workday before you meet with your friends, the breath blast or our vitamin complex are the perfect options for you. Not a lot of CBD but enough to give that uplift we will need after a day of work. 

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It's Up to You 

It can be a matter of the amount that works best for you. If your body requires more than the standard amount, it’s much better to go for the oil or a capsule. The rest is really up to you. It’s about trying things out and finding out what the best fit for you is. Maybe only one of them is right for you or you could combine two products, like use the oil in the morning and the mints later on in the day. 

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