Stay Productive While Working from Home

Stay Productive While Working from Home


TheDrug.Store team is working remotely until further notice and adjusting to this new normal is not easy, especially when you don't know how long that's going to be for. Your everyday routine is completely turned upside down and you need to find a new one to make the best out of working from home. It's time to implement some healthy habits to make sure you stay focused and productive during the work hours, here's some of our top tips. 

How to be Productive WFH UK

Set up a Routine

Having a workday routine is very important, although you’re home all the time, try not to treat that time like a day off or a holiday. Set your alarm, have breakfast, get dressed (almost) as if you were going to go to the office. It’s easy to let loose when you’re at home, but you want to make sure you create all the conditions for you to be and stay productive during that day. 

Make a schedule and To-do lists - These are important to make when you’re in the office, but even more when you’re at home. Having a (realistic) to-do list is important in order to hold yourself accountable and keep working. At the end of the day, your to-do list needs to be done or almost done, that’s a great way to measure your productivity. Make sure you create a schedule, put in the same amount of hours you have at the office, give yourself breaks. Taking breaks is a way for your brain to hit pause, refresh and for you to be even more productive when you get back to work. There’s no point in hitting a wall and trying to work with no purpose in mind.

Move your Body

Maybe you love it or you hate it… but working out or getting your body moving is crucial in this time. Whether you go out for a run, do an at home workout or a solo dance party, find something that works for you and do it everyday. It’s super easy to stay in your bed or on your sofa, but it’s super important for your physical and mental health that you don’t get in a slump. On a normal day, even if you don’t work out, you get to move while commuting, try to replace that movement. 

A bunch of workouts are available online, on Youtube, IG live. The Internet is loaded with at-home workouts for every level, with or without equipment. And we’re definitely taking part, every Thursday, you can join us and Rachel Bednarski for an hour of yoga. 

How to be Productive Working from Home UK

Create a workspace in your home

If you have the space to, try not to work in your bedroom. Staying the furthest away from your bed is crucial when working from home, otherwise you’ll just end up going back to sleep or napping when you could be working. If you live in a small space, try to have a space dedicated to work, that way your mind will be more enticed to work when you’re in that space and will not treat it like the rest of your home. If you can go in another room, do so and work there, treat it like a home office. Having a specific space where you only work is the best way to not get distracted by all the things you could be doing when at home. 

The most difficult thing about working from home is to not get up every five minutes or start doing things other than work. 

Keep in Touch with Everyone

Stay connected - If you’re home alone, make sure you keep in touch with your colleagues, family and friends. Being alone for such a long time can really have an impact on your mental health and on your productivity. Remember that everyone is in the situation as you, so it’s not like you would bother them. While you’re working, remember you’d normally be in your office with the rest of your team, so chat to them on WhatsApp, Slack, Zoom… whatever works best for you. Just make sure you’re not going radio silent during this time!  

Take Nootropics

Nootropics are cognitive enhancers that help you focus more and be more productive, a very common one is coffee. But there are also lots of nootropic supplements now available in the health and wellness market. Taking nootropic supplements is a great way to really put your mind into work-mode if you really find it too hard to do it. 

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Getting Enough Sleep

A given but this one is really important! When we know we’re going to be staying home and have no physical place to go the next day, it’s easy to go to bed quite late. The only thing is that you still have to get up early the next day to get work done. Really make sure you treat your work days like the ones you would spend at the office, otherwise your mind will have a hard time to follow. If you're feeling a bit stressed and find it hard to fall asleep at night, sleep supplements can help with unwinding in the evening. 

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We also know that we're very lucky to be able to work from home. It's an opportunity to learn how to learn not to get too distracted, communicate better, have a better schedule. All of things we're learning will only be beneficial when we all get back to our "normal" workplace and routine. 

TheDrug.Store's Team on How to Stay Productive

You're not alone in this and some of the team at TheDrug.Store wanted to share their best tip to stay productive during this time. We're hoping you can relate and get some inspiration for yourself! 


For me it is extremely important to exercise first thing in the morning. Staying the same place most of the day can be hard, so I need all the endorphins I can get to stay motivated throughout the day. 


Create structure, make sure to get to your desk the same time every morning, schedule a quick call with the people you work closely with regularly to run through everything that is going on across the team and make sure no tasks are left behind. 


Set out your to-do list every morning and stick to it, it helps me keep structure to the day and some goals to achieve. It’s easy to put off tasks but doing this and committing to it helps you get through your work and stay productive.


For me it is imperative that I get up at the same time and do my morning routine: 15 minutes yoga, 15 minutes of meditation and then I write down some stuff in my gratitude diary (there is some great research to support how it boosts your immune system and support your mental health). During the work day I take a 2 minute break every 45 minutes, I even set a timer to remind me. During those 2 minutes I focus on my breathing or go up and move around a bit to release energy. All this helps keep me focused and productive.


Making sure I have a space dedicated to work in the house is crucial for me. I could easily stay in bed all day work from there, but my head wouldn't be into it 100%. Creating this work environment at home gives me structure which allows me to stay on top of things. 

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