Choosing the Right CBD Product

Choosing the Right CBD Product


If this is your first go at CBD, it's normal to be overwhelmed in front of all the options you have. Find the right form of CBD for you, the one that will fit into your lifestyle the most. 

How Much CBD Should I Take? 

When it comes to dosing CBD, how much CBD you should take, it will take a while before you find the right amount for you.

Follow these 4 steps to get to your CBD sweet spot: 


TheDrug.Store 500mg

The best oil to start low and go slow with, using a low-strength CBD oil is the perfect way to know where your 'tolerance' is. With a 500mg oil, you figure out whether that's enough for you or if you need to take more than 17mg at each intake. 

Medterra 1000mg 

Slowly increase the amount by doubling it, or if you don't need to take more, you can also take half a dropper of a 1000mg. A higher concentration doesn't have to mean that you're taking more, but it's also better value.  

CBDistillery 2500mg-5000mg 

A customer favourite since the beginning of TheDrug.Store! With some of the purest and strongest formula, many people keep coming back to this one as their solid value. 

Apothem Labs 6000mg 

One of our newest additions and already a customer favourite! Apothem have a range of some of the strongest CBD products in the UK. A little bit goes a long way, and with the 60ml bottle, you have a supply that should last you for a good while! 


If high-strength CBD is not what you're looking for, try and start microdosing with CBD edibles and gummies. Take one once in a while during your day and let the CBD soothe you, in a very subtle way. 

Pollen 10mg CBD Gummies Starter Kit 

CBDistillery 30mg Vegan CBD Gummies


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