How Much CBD Oil Should I Take?

How Much CBD Oil Should I Take?


When buying their first product, the first question we often get from customers is how much they should take. A good place to start would be between 17mg or 20 mg. The reality is that everybody’s different so everyone reacts differently. It’s like every other food supplements. Depending on your sensitivity, body weight and other factors, you will end up needing more or less.

That’s why we always recommend to first time buyers is a 500mg CBD oil where you get that standard amount in a full dropper. 

You Can’t Have Too Much

There’s always the case of people who are afraid to take too much CBD and then they just end up not taking enough. Chances are that you’re not going to feel anything. Then you would end up being very inconsistent with the amount you’re taking and having no idea what amount is actually good for you. 

If that’s your case, maybe go for the capsules. Capsules have a set amount of CBD in each. The difference between the oil and capsules is that the capsules take a bit longer to have an effect and since it goes through your liver, some of the CBD will be removed from your system. 

CBD On-the-go

For those who want to take their standard amount at a set time of the day but then still go for smaller amounts during the day, CBD edibles are the solution for you. Whether they're gummies, mints, chocolate, they allow you to only take a small amount of CBD per intake, they're the best way to microdose CBD. You can get 10mg with the Lucent Botanicals Mints or 5mg with the Mr Moxey’s mints. Or if you only want a tiny bit,  go for the H. Hemp Breath Spray. You'll get 2mg of CBD per spray and you can get up to 80 sprays. 

We now also have vegan CBD gummies from CBDistillery. Perfect to take wherever with you, and unlike the mints they still have 30mg of CBD per gummy, which is a lot compared to other CBD gummies on the market. If you'd rather have a smaller dose, Pollen CBD gummies might be the right option for you! With 10mg of CBD per gummy, top up throughout the day without any fuss. 

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