How is CBD Oil Made?

How is CBD Oil Made?

What you need to know about CBD 

Here is what most people know: CBD is a compound from the hemp plant that’s very often taken in the form of an oil. But how in the world does a plant turn into an oil? That’s the kind of question get from customers in our stores and online! And the thing is, most people actually have no idea how the extraction process work, so here’s an uncomplicated explanation.

Take it all out

There are actually two types of CBD extractions, CO2 extraction and ethanol extraction.

CO2 extraction is the most common way of extracting CBD, it’s also a complicated one. If you’ve ever wondered why CBD oil can be so expensive, that’s because this extraction is actually a pretty expensive process. It is a way of extracting the CBD in its purest form possible, along with the terpenes that are in the plant. This is the kind of extraction most of our brands use and allows them to have 99.9% pure CBD like Kat’s Naturals or Yuyo Botanics and the other brands we have on our online shop.

Ethanol extraction is an easier process that mainly extracts the CBD out of the plant (without the terpenes), which is ideal when you’re aiming to create topicals or edibles. Ethanol extraction is an easier and cheaper process compared to CO2 extraction. It’s actually the way people who make CBD oil at home proceed since it doesn’t require as much technique. However, ethanol extraction does not provide high-quality CBD like CO2 extraction would since it is mixed with another solvent.

how to make CBD oil

CBD is not an oil

Probably one of the biggest misconceptions that people have about CBD is that it comes as an oil directly. Well, CBD is actually not an oil, in its purest form, it’s a powder or a crystal and is then added to a carrier oil to make CBD oil which explains why there are so many different tastes. A carrier oil is used to dilute the product and is actually also used in aromatherapy to make essential oils.

The most popular carrier oils for CBD are MCT or coconut oil, hemp seed oil and olive oil. The different types of oil add (or don’t) a taste but they also have added benefits.

MCT oil is used by brands like MedTerra or CBDistillery who make tasteless oils, perfect for beginners and to add in your food and drinks.

Hemp seed oil is used by our other brands like Kat’s Naturals and Yuyo Botanics to bring a herby taste.

But wait, there's more than CBD oil

Although CBD oil is the most common CBD product, there are many more ways to take CBD, there are many other ways to take CBD like CBD capsules, CBD edibles like our Lucent Botanicals mints or gummies. You can also use CBD on your skin, we have a wide range of topicals available on our website. CBD is also being used more and more in intimacy products with brands like Kiskanu or Foria, now available on our website.

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