How does Magnesium Help the Body?

How does Magnesium Help the Body?


Magnesium is one of those words that we hear a lot about in health and wellness, but what’s the purpose of taking magnesium, how does it help our body? 

Magnesium is a naturally-occurring mineral that can be found in different foods, in the earth and in our bodies as well. Magnesium is actually super essential for us, if we want to function normally, and our bodies are packed with magnesium and we absorb it very easily, which means that many of us aren’t deficient in magnesium. 

What are the Benefits of Magnesium? 

What is Magnesium Good For? 

Magnesium is good for: 

  • Sleep: many people like to keep their magnesium supplement by their bed, to make sure they get their dose in every evening. Like other supplements, magnesium won’t make you fall asleep but it’s amazing to help your body relax, which will make it easier for you to fall asleep. 
  • Relief: so many swear by magnesium for easy recovery after an effort or their gym session. With a few sprays of magnesium, you will really feel your body unknot and will be able to tell how it’s easier for you to get moving again. No more complaining about feeling sore or not stretching enough. Or if you’ve the type to hit the gym in the evening, you will feel a big difference when you go to bed with and without a few sprays of magnesium. 

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  • Energy: Been feeling a bit sluggish and slow? Magnesium supports your body in processing what you eat and drink. When you have enough magnesium, what you eat breaks down really well, however if you don’t have enough, you will quickly feel bloated. Maybe try to go for probiotics to help in that area? 
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  • Skin: again, magnesium absorbs very easily into the skin. Magnesium pairs perfectly with Vitamin C on the skin, as it has those brightening properties. If you’ve been struggling with pigmentation, mixing these two ingredients together will give you results within a few weeks. 

    What are the Different Types of Magnesium? 

    The different types of magnesium: This mineral actually has multiple types that cater to your different health needs. So no matter what you want to target, magnesium could play a soothing role.  

    • Magnesium BisglycinateFor the best ZZZs, look for this type of magnesium. It will help your mind relax and help you get a better rest. Magnesium Chloride and Bisglycinate go hand in hand together because they'll help your body and mind relax. If getting good sleep is a struggle for you, magnesium might be the answer! 
    • Magnesium Stearate is the most common type of magnesium you'll find in food supplements. It is packed with fatty acids and is a really good ingredient binder in encapsulated food supplements.
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    • Magnesium Sulphate, more commonly known as epsom salt is the type of magnesium that's found in foods and produced by our body in the first place. Although all these types of magnesium are good for us, this is the type of magnesium you want to look for if you have a deficiency. 

    What's the Best Way to Take Magnesium?

    What's the Best Way to take Magnesium? 

    Just like any other vitamin, mineral and all the other supplements, you don’t necessarily need to take them as supplements, you can make sure to incorporate the right foods into your diet for a natural occurrence of magnesium in your body. The best magnesium-packed foods are: nuts, avocado, dark chocolate, fatty fish, greens. Because it comes from the soil, magnesium can be found in lots of plant foods. So vegans and vegetarians are actually less likely to lack magnesium compared to those who prioritize protein. 

    Although it’s usually not the main ingredient, many supplements do contain some type of magnesium, sometimes to give it more body or because it can help your body absorbs the other actives easily. Since magnesium is absorbed so well by the body, it can be used as a way to attract other ingredients. 

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