Your Guide to Understanding Cannabis Beauty

Your Guide to Understanding Cannabis Beauty


Winter is coming (literally) and we can already feel our skin getting a bit dry and we’re not loving it. We’ve been hearing a lot about Cannabis Beauty and CBD skincare lately, and you might be confused as to which products you should actually go for. It’s always exciting to see a new trend in the beauty world but it’s also really confusing because it’s tough to know what actually works and what doesn’t. 

CBD is one of this year’s biggest trends in the health and wellness world, as well as in the beauty world. Let’s break this down together and understand what the deal actually is with cannabis beauty and where to actually buy products that work. 

CBD is an active ingredient that comes from hemp. Most people know of CBD because of CBD oil, which is the most common way of taking CBD on a daily basis. The hemp extract is well-known for its calming properties. 

The difference between CBD and Hemp seed oil

CBD Oil vs Hemp Seed Oil 

CBD is an active ingredient that comes from the hemp plant, so yes CBD and hemp seed oil come from the same plant! Hemp seed oil, contrary to CBD, is not an active ingredient and will not help your skin the same way CBD will. Hemp seed oil is actually really nice for the skin and you might definitely see a difference on your skin if you use a hemp-seed oil-based product, just not the ones you’d expect from CBD. 

Most cannabis beauty products by mainstream brands like Kiehl’s or Milk Makeup are actually all made with hemp seed oil and not CBD. And then there are other brands who are joining the CBD beauty scene like Herbivore with their serum that contains 100mg of CBD and adaptogens. 

Hemp is good for the skin, so products made with hemp seed oil are technically good for your skin. Which makes it quite easy to sell hemp-based products as CBD products. Cannabeauty is getting really big, but in the end, not that many products are actually made with CBD, so be mindful whenever you read labels on cannabis-based skincare. 

Cannabis and CBD in Beauty products UK

What does CBD in Beauty Products Actually do?

CBD in skincare is a fairly new concept in the UK. We talk a lot about CBD oil and CBD capsules and generally oral methods to take CBD. Even though there are some really good CBD skincare and brands, there are a lot of unanswered questions about CBD skincare. 

CBD beauty and skincare is the newest option for people who have been trying to find the perfect skincare product for years. We put our skin through a lot everyday with makeup, pollution and so much more. It's hard to keep up with what is causing damage to our skin and the billion ways we're told we could fix it. We use so many bad ingredients that we only end up damaging our skin even more. 

Brands like MGC Derma put in work to create some of the best CBD skincare out there. It's not just about using CBD, but also using it with other highly-praised skincare ingredients like hyaluronic acid or peptides. They are like the Drunk Elephant of CBD skincare. 

Why use CBD? CBD in skincare is a natural and more gentle way to help with flare-ups on the skin. It's not going to fix all your skin issues but opting for more natural active ingredients in your skincare is always a good idea. That's how Dr Kerklaan Natural CBD Skin Cream came to be, founder Dr Andrew Kerklaan wanted to deal with skin issues in an alternative way. 

We have partnered with Notting-Hill based skincare studio Young Ldn to bring with a 45-minute CBD facial. This CBD facial is an opportunity to relax, to give some of our CBD skincare a try and to leave with beautiful skin. You can now book via emailing and we'll get the details sorted out for you. 

The perfect CBD skincare routine

CBD is not a miracle ingredient

So you know how we always say that CBD is not to be treated like a medicine, as it is a food supplement. When taken orally, CBD helps support your overall health and wellbeing but it won’t solve all your issues. 

Well, it’s the same for CBD skincare. Only using a CBD skincare product is not going to give you perfect skin. Adding CBD to your skincare routine is great but you need to make sure that you already have a solid skincare routine that you can incorporate a CBD product into. Make sure you double cleanse, exfoliate (sometimes), tone and moisturize your skin. Once your skincare routine is solid, you can start adding CBD products that will help support the other active ingredients. 

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