Our Review of CBDistillery

Our Review of CBDistillery

CBDistillery UK Review 

Founded in 2016, CBDistillery is one of the best CBD brands in the US. Based in the state of Colorado, their aim is to deliver high-quality Isolate CBD products at an affordable price, which is why we love them. They are one of our customers’ favourite brands because of how cost-effective they are.  

CBDistillery offers one of the best THC free CBD oils in the UK and that’s why our customers love it so much.  

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CBDistillery Tinctures 

They have oils for everyone, with strengths from 500mg up to 5000mg. Their CBD isolate oils are one of our customers’ favourites because they are made with MCT oil, which makes them completely tasteless. 

Unlike other oils on the market, CBDistillery is very precise and you know exactly how much CBD you get in one dropper of 1ml


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CBDistillery Capsules 

Some of the highest-quality CBD capsules out there. With 30mg of CBD, you get as much as if you were taking a dropper of oil. Capsules are very convenient to take on-the-go. 

CBDistillery Gummies  

We are now happy to stock their Vegan Isolate CBD gummies? With 30mg of CBD per gummy, they are one of the strongest CBD gummies available on the UK market. Because they’re made with agar agar, vegans don’t have to say no to them because they’re totally suitable for them. Enjoy a nice and fruity taste while still getting the efficiency of CBD.

Why choose CBDistillery?  

1) Commitment

They are committed to delivering high-quality products. In the US, they are part of the National Hemp Association and the US Hemp Roundtable. Both organizations support hemp growers and strive to deliver high quality CBD product for everyone. 

2) Quality

Their products are made with organically-grown hemp, which means they grow in the best conditions and they are then lab-tested to make sure they are the best quality possible. 

3) Approved by Many

They are loved and endorsed by many American athletes, male and female in varied disciplines. Actors, surfers, yogis, they’re made to fit with everyone’s lifestyle. And no need to be an athlete, their products are great to support your general wellbeing on a daily basis. 

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