How to Incorporate CBD in an Active Lifestyle

How to Incorporate CBD in an Active Lifestyle


CBD is the perfect ingredient and food supplement to incorporate in an active and busy lifestyle. With all the different applications that exist (oils, capsules, gummies, creams), it’s very easy to adapt and find the best product for any given situation you may encounter during the day. 

How to Drink your CBD

If you don’t have time to grab your tincture and leave it under your tongue, there are ways to incorporate CBD in your daily routine, even if you’re very busy. Start your day with a CBD coffee, which is not very different from your regular one. You just need to add a few drops of your favourite tincture (preferably a tasteless one) and then you get your morning dose of CBD in! 

CBD products for an active lifestyle UK

If you’re on your way to or back from the gym and there’s no time for breakfast, smoothies are the way to go. They’re a great way to get a large amount of nutrients in, it would probably take you a while to eat them. You can add a few drops of Pollen drink drops, No Pressure and Soothe you both have a delicious berry flavour, which makes it easy to put in your drink and is also great to have after an effort. This makes it easy to microdose CBD, when you add it in your drink and food, it’s a way of topping up on the amount you’ve already had earlier in the day. 

The Best Way to take CBD on-the-go

Capsules and gummies are the perfect way to take CBD on-the-go, you can keep them in your bag without any risk of breaking the bottle and they’re also very easy to take. With a glass of water or just chewing them, taking CBD has never been more convenient. No need to deal with the fuss of counting how many mg you’re taking. With capsules, the hard work has already been done for you. Even though it’s the most efficient way of absorbing CBD, not everyone is a fan of tinctures as you have to be a bit patient before the oil fully absorbs. 

Medterra 50mg CBD Capsules

CBDistillery 30mg Vegan Gummies 

Pollen CBD Gummies 

CBD products for athletic people UK

If you’re the type to spend a few hours at the gym in the morning (or the evening) or if you make quite a lot of effort during the day, one of our cooling creams is the way to go for you. Creams are the way to use CBD if you have a specific area you need to target. The ones we have contain other botanicals like eucalyptus or turmeric, which are going to support the effects of the hemp. 

Apothem Labs Recharge Cream 

Dr Kerklaan Cooling CBD Cream 

Yuyo Botanics Turmeric Salve

CBD in the Evening

One of the key ingredients to have a successful and productive day is to get good sleep. After a good night, you will feel more alert and ready to take on the day. Have a bad night and you'll feel drowsy all day and your only wish will be to go back to bed. 

Once you’re home after a busy day, reach out for your nighttime dose of CBD. Taking CBD in the evening will be great to unwind and take the stress of the day away. This will help you unwind and prepare you for a good night’s sleep and also get you ready for another busy day. 

Our favourites for the night time: 

Apothem Labs Lights Out 

Plant People Drops+Zzz

Yuyo Botanics PM Formula Oil

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