The Relation Between CBD and Botanicals

The Relation Between CBD and Botanicals

Why Hemp and Botanics are the Perfect Match

Botanicals are part of our daily lives, we have them in our foods, our drinks, in beauty products... it's those ingredients that bring a nice taste or smell but also have a positive impact on our wellbeing.

CBD and botanicals are the perfect combination, whether they are in oils, capsules or skincare. Blending both results in plant-based, holistic products that will contribute to enhance your general wellness. 


We’ve talked about broad-spectrum CBD and what people call the entourage effect, even though there’s no actual research on it. But it’s the ability that cannabinoids have to support one another’s effect. Plants and botanicals work the same way, that’s why aromatherapy is so great for our bodies and minds, the blend of the different components can bring an extra calming effect. 

It’s also essential to point out that botanicals are always working in harmony to bring flavour but most importantly because they all work to serve the same purpose. It’s the same with blending botanics with hemp to create CBD oils, CBD capsules, edibles or even skincare products. 

 Lucent Botanicals CBD Mints Hemp and Botanics

CBD and Botanical Blends at TheDrug.Store

Some of our brands utilize the powerful combination of CBD and botanics to create potent and efficient products and meet your needs in a natural and holistic way. 

Apothem Labs is the newest addition to TheDrug.Store. Apothem Labs uses botanical synergy to create innovative, powerful and efficient CBD blends. In each product, they add different botanicals that will help bring a different effect and make it easy for you to adapt to your different needs. They believe in hemp and botanicals’ potential to create powerful plant-based formulations through botanical synergy. 

Yuyo Botanics use botanicals like ashwagandha, turmeric and hops among others. They blend these with their organically grown-hemp to craft natural, holistic and powerful CBD products. With two different tinctures and one body salve, they know how to use different plants’ properties and in a way that will be good for the user. 

Yuyo Botanics CBD Oil UK


CBD edibles are the rising way of taking CBD in the UK, they’re easy and convenient to take on-the-go. Perfect for those who need to top up on their hemp content during a busy day. Not only are they convenient, they’re also full of botanics that bring flavour and also uplift your mind and body. 

Lucent Botanicals using four different blends of botanicals to serve four different purposes: Focus, Energy, Calm and Mood Lift! 

Pollen is our newest brand of CBD edibles, with delicious vegan CBD gummies and drink drops. Pollen uses fruity botanicals like tonic, cacao or grapefruit in their products to bring amazing flavour but also to bring the three different effects Pollen wants to support: Powerbank, No Pressure, Soothe You. 

OTO CBD is where aromatherapy meets CBD, their high-strength CBD formulas are packed with botanicals like ginger, kanuka or chamomile. Their potent products will help you with focus and balance throughout the day. Having one of their roll-ons in your bag at work could save you during your busy day and their body oil is perfect to incorporate into your morning and night-time routines. 

Their new CBD Sleep Drops are packed with calming botanicals like lavender and spearmint. These botanicals support the 1500mg of CBD in the product, the combination works perfectly to give you better sleep. 

We’ve talked about the main types of CBD blends, using botanicals is as good as using a broad-spectrum CBD product. The different botanicals will affect one another as well as the CBD, which will elevate the effect of the product. 

 Hemp and Botanicals in Cannabis Beauty

The best ingredients in Skincare

Beauty products we use everyday are also packed with botanics, like shampoo or perfume. But even our skincare is full of botanicals that will have a calming effect on the skin. 

Cannabis beauty is on the rise and more and more people are jumping on that train and starting to use cannabis-based products. Using CBD on your skin can make an incredible difference. The botanicals used in skincare are the same as the ones you would find in your favourite skincare products like cucumber, green tea or orange extract. These ingredients have shown to work well on the skin, mixed with CBD, they will help your skin look more glowy and healthy. 

All in all, botanical blends always bring out the best out of plants to contribute to our overall wellness. Adding hemp to these botanic formulas helps bring a calming effect to your stressed and overwhelmed mind. 

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