How CBD Creams and Balms Work

How CBD Creams and Balms Work


CBD creams are a fairly new way to use CBD in the UK. We’ve talked about how great CBD creams can be on your skin. They are great to keep your skin fresh and glowing with natural ingredients. We’re seeing that CBD cosmetics and Cannabis Beauty is getting bigger and we definitely want to be part of that movement. Because of the success of our skincare products, TheDrug.Store has welcomed two new brands with products you definitely want to add to your skincare routine

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New CBD Skincare and Beauty

Grön CBD

Grön wants to use the best plant-based ingredients to incorporate into your skincare routine. By mixing CBD with organic ingredients like cucumber and seaweed, they want to make sure that they deliver high-quality CBD skincare that will “awaken your skin’s full potential”. 

MGC Derma

MGC Derma is one of the top Cannabis and CBD skincare brands in the UK. They are putting years of research into high-quality CBD skincare products. Using CBD as the core ingredient of their formula, they created products with different aims depending on every skin types with other amazing skincare ingredients like peptides and vitamin C. They wanted to make sure everyone would find a product for their need and catered to their skint ype. 

One of our customers’ favourite

Ever since the beginning of TheDrug.Store, customers have been and are still raving about the Dr Kerklaan Natural CBD Skin Cream. By combining only the necessary ingredients, this fast-absorbing cream will leave your skin completely smooth. 

Crystal Jade Roller Facial CBD treatment

Treat Yourself

Because we know how passionate our customers are, we’re happy to be partnering with Young Ldn, who now have a treatment room at our Marylebone store. You can now book your CBD Facial at! 

Why use a CBD Cream?

CBD creams and balms are not only great for your skin but also for your body as a whole. We find that it’s a very underrated use of CBD, but it is great to decrease some body discomforts you might be experiencing. 

Many of our customers always ask for the strongest oil because they would like it to help in a local area, but have much better! Use a transdermal will be more efficient to help in that type of case. The cream will reach the targeted area much faster than if you were taking an oil. So, if you're looking for CBD that works fast, a CBD cream or balm is the way to go.

It is the same principle as dropping some oil under your tongue, only more efficient because it is applied directly on the intended area. 

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Top CBD Creams and Balms in the UK

Dr Kerklaan - one of our customers’ favourite brands. With one cooling formula made to alleviate some sensitive body areas. Dr Kerklaan developed three different products: spray, cream and stick. Because we all have our ways of applying products they wanted to cater to every need. 


Their non-greasy cooling gel with a light texture is perfect to apply after an effort. The menthol will give an immediate cooling sensation and you’ll be ready to go on with your day. Available in two strengths because some people work out harder than others. 

Yuyo Botanics Turmeric Salve CBD cream CBD topicals

Yuyo Botanics 

One of our newest additions is their Turmeric Salve. Yuyo Botanics are loved for crafting products with a holistic approach, using organic ingredients. This blend of CBD, turmeric and other ingredients to enhance your wellbeing. Perfect to help you move freely. 

Apothem Labs Recharge

Apothem Labs is a new CBD brand with some of the strongest CBD products in the UK. Their relief cream contains 800mg in 100ml of creams, which makes it the strongest relief cream we now have! The blend of hemp and botanics like eucalyptus brings an instant cooling effect, which is perfect after a tough workout. 

So there you have it, all there's left to do is find which products are made for you, your skin type and the issue you want to target!

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