CBD and Female Sexual Wellness: The Real Deal

CBD and Female Sexual Wellness: The Real Deal

Talk that Talk

Female sexual wellness is quite a taboo subject, the kind that some people get shy and embarrassed about when we start approaching the subject so we’d rather not say anything and change the subject to avoid awkwardness. Little do you know that it’s something women talk about a lot when they’re together, updating one another about the latest products, innovations and accessories meant to help with their sexual health. 

You might be wondering why female sexual wellness is such a big topic that’s been so talked about lately. We hear so much about yoni wellness and treatments like steaming and different ways to take care of it. Truth is that sexual wellness plays a big role in women’s overall wellbeing. Women magazines like Cosmo or Women's Health are now overflowing with tips and tricks to be thriving in that department. It’s 2019 and women are now feeling free to talk about the taboo stuff, like their sexual wellness. 


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Cannabis and Sexual Health 

CBD and female wellness are topics that go hand in hand, in the sense that we still need to know more about them but also for how CBD can support female wellness. By now, we all know that CBD is great to help support our general wellbeing on a daily basis. But when you’re a woman, your wellbeing has its ups and downs and our mood could use a little help. At TheDrug.Store, we carry brands that took the matter in their own hands and crafted products to specifically help with female wellness. Even though CBD is great to help with our wellbeing on a daily basis, there are times when women could use those extra ingredients that will make them feel even better.  

With CBD, women are discovering a way to feel more at ease and more free during intimate moments and we’re here for it. 

Medterra Monthly Wellness - a mix of CBD, caffeine, cramp bark and other ingredients like Valerian Root meant to help with female discomforts. Take two of these in the morning to get yourself going and feel lighter during the tough days. Careful do not take these in the evening because the caffeine might keep you up all night.

Foria - Putting women and their sexual health at the center. The brand's primary goal is to help women with their discomforts and help turn them it into pleasure. Sexual health is at the core of female wellness and is often neglected when our discomforts completely take over our overall wellbeing. 

These are just a selection of our intimacy and female wellness products. We have a lot more available on our website and at our store in Marylebone. If you’re curious, feel free to browse through our site or if you’d rather see everything IRL, the doors of our stores are always open! 


CBD and Female Sexual Wellness Thedrug.store

Let’s Talk about Female Sexual Wellness

Join us on October 22nd for an event at our Marylebone store “Tackling Taboos: Let’s Talk about Female Sexual Wellness” . We’re having a panel of experts gather and answer all the questions you might have about sexual wellness. You’ll also be able to ask all your questions about CBD and female sexual wellness to our founders. It’s also going to be an opportunity for all attendees to see and buy our best female wellness products and accessories.

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