Cannabis and Sexual Health

Cannabis and Sexual Health

Let’s talk about sex

CBD, extracted from the hemp plant is soaring on the UK market and even though it is a supplement at the root, it’s starting to make its way to other types of products and we’re loving it. You can put it in your drinks, your food and now even your vagina? Female wellness is a big concern and it’s not just about discomfort but also about pleasure. Yes you read that right, at a time when we’re trying to turn sex into less of a taboo subject, women are coming out for products for other women. CBD lube, suppositories, orgasm spray… they’re the new big thing and people are already raving about them.


The big O

By now, you’re probably wondering how can CBD be good for your sexual health. Well, it’s actually quite simple. We all know that CBD helps you feel zen in the moment when you take it as an oil or a capsule. Well, the exact same thing happens down there, you just need to find the right product to do so. There’s no study-based evidence on this, but testimonials are flowing with praise for these products.


Welcoming the newbies

TheDrug.Store is happy to welcome two new brands in the family, Kiskanu and Foria. Both brands have some pleasure to offer with their oils made for those moments in the bedroom.

Foria is the first CBD brand with intimacy and female wellness at its core. We’re happy to now be their first retailer in Europe. With the Cosmo Stamp of Sexcellence, Foria Awaken is considered one of the best sex enhancement products out there! If that doesn’t make you want to try it, then we don’t know what will. We’re also introducing the Basics Suppositories or “weed tampons” as some like to call them, specifically made to make your monthly week of discomfort more bearable.  

Kiskanu and their very natural approach offer a natural and organic Intimacy Oil. Time to say goodbye to traditional lube full of questionable ingredients. The Intimacy Oil is one of the first CBD lubricants in the EU. This one can be used as an all-over massage oil and also as an alternative to lube. The time to ‘Free the Flower’ has come and we’re glad to be part of the movement. 

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