How to Boost your Immune System

How to Boost your Immune System


Immunity is on everyone’s mouth at the moment and we see that many of you come to us looking for ways to strengthen your immune system. Your immune system keeps you healthy and allows you to heal whenever you get ill, which is why it’s important to have a good immune system. 

What keeps your immune system in check is your diet and your environment. It builds itself from the moment we are born and keeps on developing as we grow older. Our diet matters as we simply need the right nutrients in order to keep our immune system healthy, eat a varied and healthy diet in order to have a strong immune system. In this modern world, many of us rely on quick fixes and nutrients tend to be missing, which makes us tired and on the long run also makes our immune system weaker. 

The environment matters as well, our body builds protection against germs and bacteria that we encounter everyday. The more you are confronted to as kid, the stronger your immune system is. As we grow older, our bodies take a bit longer to get accomodated and used to a new environment, hence why we get ill more easily. 

These two factors are important on the long run in order to build strong immune systems and to be healthy. But deficiencies are very common and it’s important to take the right supplements in order to fix them. 

Best Adaptogens to Boost your Immune System UK

Some Ingredients for a Strong Immune System

Believe it or not, you can strengthen your immune system with things you probably have in your kitchen cupboard like turmeric, ginger or cinnamonUsually used as spices in the kitchen, these herbs have powerful benefits and can support your immune system when taken daily or even in a shot. Here's some immune boosting recipes

There are also vitamins that are essential to support your immune system on a daily basis: 

Vitamin C - The human body needs at least 250mg of vitamin C a day, and most of us definitely don’t get our count in. 

Probiotics - Your gut health is at the center of your wellbeing. Taking pre- and probiotics everyday will make digestion easier and make sure that you feel healthier. 

Vitamin D gives us energy and in a way keeps us happy. Living in London, we can’t always get it from the sun, so we need to make sure we get it from our food or from supplements. Foods with oily fats like fish or avocado are packed with Vitamin D. 

Magnesium is a necessary mineral for our bodies. It helps us recover better from a workout and also relax our bodies for a good rest. The more rested we are, the stronger our bodies are to fight bacteria out there. 

Our Top Supplement Picks to Boost your Immune System

You can eat these nutrients or if you want to have a higher dose in one, you can go for supplements. With supplements, you want to make sure you get them from a reliable source where there actually are the ingredients that are stated. We curated some of the best supplements and blends you can find out there, making it easy for you to find the right one for your needs. 

Wunder Workshop Golden Shrooms Adaptogens UK Thedrug.Store


Equi London the Original Formula UK

The Nue Co Prebiotic + Probiotic

The Nue Co Prebiotic+Probiotic UK

Biocol Labs Something for a Cactus Throat 

Biocol Labs Something for a Cactus Throat UK

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