Wellness Gift Guide for Everyone on your List!

Wellness Gift Guide for Everyone on your List!

Who are wellness gifts for?

In 2020, health and wellness and taking care of ourselves has become a major priority. The good thing about wellness is that it emcompasses many areas and can apply to our daily lives. Whether it's skincare, the supplements we take, the healthy habits we want to take on... And that makes it much easier to shop for so many people on our Holiday list, no need to gift them something that they might not be using. We put together a gift guide, which can really apply to anyone and you also know that they will actually be using. 

The best part about wellness is that you know these are gifts that will actually be used because our health and wellbeing is part of our daily life. They’re the gifts that mean the most to the ones who receive it because it shows you know their personality as well.

Our Best Gifts and Bundles

We recently launched our gifts and bundles collection, with exclusive combination of products that always help with the same health needs: skin, sleep, stress and so on. 

Best for the Gym Lovers: Theragun 















If you haven’t heard of Theragun, then you’ve probably been living under the rock because everyone talks about them. Therabody creates massage guns to helps with muscle recovery whether it’s after a workout, or you’re just feeling sore. They also help with blood circulation and will generally will make you feel a lot better after only one use.

This gift will make whoever gets it smile really big because it’s one of those purchased you think about and never really go for it.

They have multiple versions, the Theragun mini is awesome to take around with you to the gym, or if you’re travelling. And it’s just as powerful as a bigger one.

Best Skincare Gift: Face Tools

Face tools are probably the biggest skincare trend of 2020, with spas and beauty salons closing, we all had to learn how to do those special treatments at home. Or even for those evenings when we needed a little self-care, skincare was the answer. Between at home steamers, micro needling tools, micro current tools and so many more, it’s hard to know which ones are actually worth it and would actually work on our skin.

We’re taking it back to some of the first and still most popular face tools with crystal stones. These became really popular in 2018 as they would help sculpt the skin with their shape but also bring added benefits with the crystal itself. These precious material also help with soothing fine lines and wrinkles. The two most popular stones to make face tools with are jade and rose quartz but we’re starting to see many more on the market.

Gua Sha stone and jade rollers are the original face tools and we’ve been loving this one from MODM. Made out of white jade with a particular shape, this face tool is amazing to sculpt your face and gently get rid of the toxins that are stuck under the skin.

For the Sleep-Deprived: The Sleep Bundle

We all have someone who struggles with sleep, who always feels tired and always says they didn’t get enough sleep…and maybe you’re that person! We put together some of our best sleep products (supplement, machine and spray) to really help those who struggle with their unwinding and falling asleep at night. In the short time that this has been on site, this one had already been flying, so make sure you get it quickly! 

Best Sustainable Gift: Larq

Reusable water bottles are just everywhere and everyone owns at least two, if not more. With cute designs, different sizes and types of insulation… we’re not lacking in choice. They’re perfect to carry around and the solution to stop buying single use water bottles.

The latest and coolest innovation in water bottles comes from Larq. They created water bottles that clean the water and clean themselves thanks to a UV light technology. If you know people who are skeptical about tap water, this the the gift for them!


Best Stocking Fillers: Biocol Labs

Biocol Labs supplements are the perfect stocking stuffers for men and women. They make clean products without chemicals, and all of their supplements come in a fun packaging with a fun name and are super efficient.

They have a large range of products to help with, gut health or even immunity but they also have a bunch of products to help you detox. And that sounds like the perfect type of products for the Holiday season, whether you’re planning of having one too many drinks or to eat a bit too much, their supplements can really be a life saviour.

Best Gut Health and Beauty Supplement: The Beauty Chef 

Glowing skin starts from the inside, that’s the philosophy behind each and every product from The Beauty Chef. The brand has taken over the nutricosmetics industry with their products targeting both your gut and your skin.

With the Holiday season coming up, they have put together bundles of some of them most popular products. If you know someone who already loves the brand, you know you can’t go wrong with it and if you want to introduce someone to the brand, this is the perfect gift.

The Beauty Chef Glowing and Gutsy comes with their two best sellers: Glow and Collagen. This kit will promote your gut health, your skin’s elasticity and stronger immunity. Also comes at amazing value of only £55, which is a steal for this combo!

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