Top Tips to Feed the Gut Bacteria

Top Tips to Feed the Gut Bacteria


The gut microbiome is at the center of your health and wellbeing, many areas of our health are impacted by the gut and vice-versa. The way you sleep, your stress and energy levels, your skin, metabolism and even immunity are all affected by your gut health. The microbiome develops billions of bacteria very early on in life, and even before we are born. The gut has a barrier that protects our overall health that we need to feed in order to maintain a healthy gut and down the line a healthy body. 

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How to Feed your Gut Bacteria

As odd as it sounds, to make sure your gut stays healthy, you have to feed the bacteria (which is a healthy one). A balanced diet is key to a healthy gut and microbiome, with fresh fruits and veggies, and staying away from processed foods. Processed sugary and salty foods won’t feed your gut and on the contrary will just have a negative impact on it.

Fermented foods are also known to be highly beneficial to the gut, as they naturally develop a probiotic bacteria during the fermentation process. Some of the best ones are kimchi, sauerkraut, tempeh, miso... Bone broth is the latest food that health nuts are loving to drink first thing in the morning to give their gut a little boost.

You can also drink fermented drinks like kombucha, which is fermented tea or kefir which is fermented yoghurt. Our favourites are JARR and LA brewery. It’s like drinking a fizzy drink, only super healthy for you! 

Best Gut Health Supplements

If you’re not great at watching what you eat (everyone has those days), you can also add prebiotic and probiotic supplements that will feed your gut bacteria on a regular basis. In a world where it’s easier to eat out and where we eat way more processed foods than we should, our gut tends to be a bit neglected. You can take probiotics daily or simply take them on days where you feel a bit bloated or if you’ve just indulged in a larger meal. We made sure to curate some of the best gut health supplements you can find the UK, in liquid, powder or capsule form to make sure you sure what's best for you! 

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Daily Practices for Better Gut Health 

1. Daily Exercise

It’s not just about what you eat, there are everyday practices that can be beneficial to your gut, sometimes more than taking supplements: sleep, exercise, tongue tingling.

Exercising is one of the best things you can do for your health, whether it’s for your gut, your skin, your stress levels, your body or mind or just your general wellbeing. Research shows that for people who exercise regularly, there is an improvement in their microbiome within about six weeks. Exercising helps your body get rid of toxins and will help improve the state of your gut bacteria. This doesn’t have to be some heavy or intense exercise, but it can just be going on a 30 minute walk everyday. 

2. Good amount of Sleep

Your sleeping pattern can also have a real impact on your gut. And if you’re not the best sleeper, or if you sometimes have a bad sleep, you can probably feel it in your gut the next day that something is not quite right. Poor sleep can affect the gut-brain axis which has an impact on how we function daily. The disruption of the gut brain axis can have a direct impact on your general wellness and immune system, which is why it’s important to get a healthy amount of sleep in. 

3. Oral Health

Your oral health is one of the keys to a healthy microbiome and gut, although it doesn’t seem like it. The Invivo Bio.Me Oral can effectively help with improving your oral health by removing some of the remaining bacteria in the mouth. We give a lot of importance to our teeth, but we also need to care for our gum and tongue. Tongue scraping or tingling will majorly change your oral health. 

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Jasmine Hemsley, founder of East by West  gives her insight on the importance of tongue scraping. 

Tongue Tingling (aka tongue scraping) is one of the easiest and most impactful Ayurvedic habits we can adopt: done first thing in the morning, before drinking, eating and even talking, tongue scraping clears the build-up that accumulates on the tongue overnight helping to prevent bad breath and infections, and better taste our food. It's a habit I've incorporated into my morning routine for the last 10 years and a habit that, once you adopt you just can't stop! Tongue Tingling is a gentle way to refresh and stimulate those taste buds while removing the gunk. It's fast - you need just 5 seconds and it's worth every second - quite frankly I'd rather forget my toothbrush!

Buy the East by West Tongue Tingler here 

4. Calming Exercises 

Through the gut-brain axis, our stress levels can really have an impact on our gut. When we stressed, we often a funny feeling in our gut, which can damage the live bacteria. Doing small exercises to release stress like breathing exercises, yoga or meditation will help calm your mind and body, and easily regulate your the way your gut works. 

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