The Best Supplements for Healthy Skin

The Best Supplements for Healthy Skin

[Updated on 7th July 2021]


The way your skin looks is not just about what you apply on your skin, but it’s also about “what you put in your body”, i.e. what you eat. Having a healthy diet is important to maintain good skin. With allergies or intolerance that we’re sometimes not even aware of, we can quickly have inflammation on our skin and start breaking out. 

Having a healthy diet and balanced diet is the best foundation for healthy-looking skin. If you know you're lacking in that department, taking skin supplements can still nourish your skin from the inside, out on a longer term than skincare would. 

What are Skin Supplements and Why do I need Them? Online UK TheDrug.Store

Why do I need Skin supplements? 

Just like any other supplements for other areas of our health (stress, sleep, energy), we need to take supplements for our skin because we don’t necessarily eat the right nutrients anymore. Or at least eating enough of them… it seems like it has become a bit difficult for us to get or 5-a-day without feeling like we have to. Taking supplements for your skin will ensure that you’re not lacking any vitamins, minerals, or proteins that you need to keep your skin looking fresh and full of elasticity. 

Are Skin Supplements Better Than Skincare? 

Skin supplements are in no way a replacement for skincare, absolutely not. Skin supplements will essentially nourish your skin, while skincare products are going to protect it and nourish the outer layers of your skin. If anything skin supplements and skincare products go hand-in-hand together and are an add-on to one another. 

If you feel like you’ve tried every skincare product on earth and that none have worked for you, you might want to look into skin supplements and your diet. 

Gut Supplements are also essential for skin health

Something you’re probably neglecting is the impact of your diet on your skin. Not saying that you need to eat only greens and veggies, but eating too many processed foods, fats and sugar can have bad impact on your skin. It also depends on your metabolism and how your gut breaks down the food you eat. We’ve said many times that your gut is connected to your stress levels, your sleep… and it is also connected to your skin and how it looks. Some people are obviously luckier than others and everyone goes through different struggles when it comes to skin problems. 


The Best types of Skin Supplements

Collagen is one of the most well-known skin supplements of 2021. It's one of the best skin supplements to keep that youthful look for as long as possible.

As we age, our body loses its natural ability to produce collagen, a protein that can be found in our bones, muscles, skin and hair. 

Taking collagen supplements helps reduce fine lines and wrinkles and preserves the elasticity in your skin. It's one of the best supplements to have plump and glowing skin. 

The Beauty Chef Collagen

Before - After TheBeautyChef

*Before and After Picture supplied by The Beauty Chef UK*

Biotin is one of the most popular beauty supplements out there. It's known for strengthening your nails, helping your hair grow healthier and giving you better skin - all in one! 

Klarskin Reforming Liquid

Zinc is a mineral that many people are actually deficient in, so even if it's not for your skin, you do need to make sure your zinc levels are in check. Zinc is actually essential to the natural production of collagen, so if your collagen levels are low, that might be because you're not getting enough zinc. This mineral is also powerful if you suffer from acne of hyperpigmentation. 

Pink Cloud Drinkable Vitamins

pink cloud

Some of the best Skin Supplements right now are: 

The Beauty Chef Glow 

The Beauty Chef is one of the leading brands in the skin supplement world. They have nailed down the importance of a healthy gut for a healthy skin. All their different products contain probiotics along with other ingredients, always different depending on your skin goals. 

The Nue Co Skin Hydrator 

The Nue Co Skin Hydrator

The Nue Co have some of the most innovative supplements for gut, skin, stress and sleep. The Skin hydrator is packed with hyaluronic acid to ensure your skin is never too thirsty. 

Klarskin Radiance Powder

Born from the need to combat her adult acne, the founder or Klarskin formulated all her product around this goal. According to Marie-Claire, around 5% of women over 25 have adult acne. Instead of going for treatments, she decided to maker her own products to find a way to get rid of acne in a natural way. 


Equi London Beauty Formula

Equi London

Packed with all the nutrients and superfoods you need, Equi London have formulated the beauty formula for busy women who needed an all-in-one product for all their supplements. The Beauty Formula has ingredients like biotin and zinc to specifically target the skin. 


If you additionally want to nourish your skin barrier as well, The Nue Co have recently released their Probiotic Skincare Set! These products have been designed to rebuild your skin's microbiome, protect against pollution and lock in moisture. The Barrier Culture Cleanser + Moisturiser are great to combine with their 3-in-1 serum The Pill

Get the whole set and save £££

The Nue Co Barrier Culture + The Pill

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