The Best Supplements to fight the Autumn and Winter Blues

The Best Supplements to fight the Autumn and Winter Blues

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The Winter Blues might hit even harder in 2020, so here are top tips to help you cope

A new season is upon us, and although a lot of us look forward to the crunchy leaves and the cooler weather, we also have to watch out for the changes this will bring to our daily wellness and adjust our wellness and supplement routine. 

It all starts with having a healthy lifestyle - we tend to be really good at picking up healthy habits in the summer like eating healthy, working out on a regular basis… with work starting again and frankly the lack of motivation that comes with the bad weather, some of these habits tend to go out the window. 

Our daily habits really contribute to our general wellbeing, so making sure we’re eating right, we have a healthy sleep schedule, we exercise regularly and try to lower our screentime really contribute to boosting our health. 

Here are a few mood boosters to keep you happy during the colder days:  

  • Working out: Having a regular physical activity is good for the body, but also for the mind. Not only does working release endorphins, but it's also a great to let your mind escape and switch off from work or other day-to-day worries 
  • Being (safely) social: This is one of the hardest ones this year as there are more and more restrictions to keep us safe and healthy. But interacting with others and being plays a big part in our mental health. make sure you do have a small group of people you can be with, or facetime your loved ones. 
  • Focus on the good: Easier said than done but try to focus on the good things you have in life. This year especially has been a year of counting our blessings and not taking things or people for granted.
  • Spending time outside: The shorter days and lack of sunlight is what affects us the most, so trying to get 15-20 minutes of sun would really help make you feel better. 
  • Taking supplements: Autumn and Winter are also the best time to switch up your supplement routine, to help support your daily wellbeing. 

The Best Supplements for Energy 

SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder) is the shift many of us experience in autumn and winter as the daylight starts to be shorter, the sky is more often grey than blue and it gets colder.

SAD can be more or less severe depending on people, for some it's more of a winter blues but for others it can really impact our mood, our energy and can be quite similar to depression. With the tough year we've all had, SAD may hit us even harder, so we want to make sure we arm ourselves to not be too affected. 

  • Vitamin D

This one is a must-have in the UK! The sunny days tend to leave us for clouds and rain, so we need to make sure we cater for the lack of sun during the colder months. Vitamin D boosts our energy levels, our general mood and also our immune system!

Our body doesn’t need a large dose of vitamin D, but taking a daily dose will definitely help keep our energy levels up and make up for the lack of sunshine during those months. 

The Nue Co Vitamin D Spray

  • Vitamin C

An all-year round must-have! Even for people who don’t take a lot of supplements, vitamin C is probably one of the only ones they take. Vitamin C is why we feel like energy and we don’t necessarily need to take supplements for it but make sure you keep some citrus fruits at home like oranges or lemons. 

Supporting your Body and Muscles 

Probably one of the most hyped beauty supplements right now because it’s amazing for the skin, but when it gets cold we need collagen not for our skin but for our body! You know how our bodies feel really tight when it gets cold and we feel like we get sore much faster - that’s because of the lack of collagen. 

Collagen preserves the elasticity in our skin but also in our body. It supports the our joints and muscles, making movements easy for us and recovery much faster. As we get older, our body's collagen production decreases, which is why supplementing can help boost our natural collagen production. 


The Beauty Chef Collagen Boost

The Nue Co Joints 

This mineral can do wonders for our muscles when we’re feeling tense. Whether you take magnesium to ease tension after a workout or to relax your body before you sleep. The stiffness generally affects the way we fel, even if we don’t realize in the moment, long term if our body is not at its best, our mind is not going to be and other areas of our health can be triggered. 


The Nue Co Magnesium Ease 

Biocol Labs Something for the Knackered

For a Strong Immune System during Autumn/Winter 

During the colder months, our immune system can take a toll and get really weaker. We just tend to feel under the weather quite easily and that can also play on our mood most of the time. By taking the right supplements, we can strengthen our immune system and fight those microbes that are out to get us. 

  • Turmeric

Turmeric has well-known anti-inflammatory properties and can really build up our immune system. Golden mylks or even turmeric shots have become really popular because they really help flush out toxins and kill bacteria. If you feel like you’re catching a cold, one of those immunity shots with turmeric and ginger can really make a difference. 

Wunder Workshop Golden Balance 

Turmeric is also amazing to support recovery after a workout and ease tension. With the colder weather, our body tends to be more stiff and doing any physical exercise can be like a shock to the body, which can take a bit of time to recover. 

Anatome Joint + Movement 

Like we’ve touched on before, our gut also regulated our immune system and if our gut gets inflamed, our immunity is weakened. Taking probiotics and regulating the bacteria in our gut will keep from inflammation and thus keep us healthy. Our gut is at the center of our health, so probiotics are an essential to a healthy diet. We can either probiotics as supplements, or we can also take fermented probiotic foods, which are easy to incorporate into an everyday diet. 

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Although some people were never back to working at the office, most people are now back to working from home again. The popularity of nootropics has really surged this year, with everyone working from home and trying to establish a routine in a new environment. 

When WFH, it can be very easy to get side tracked and distracted from the tasks you actually need to get done. Like have a cup of coffee in the morning, taking nootropics can put you in the zone and help you focus on what needs to get done. 

The Nue Co Nootro-Focus 

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