Take your Spring Skincare to a New Level!

Take your Spring Skincare to a New Level!


Spring is here, the sun has come out and it is time to implement some new habits for you skin to be at its best. 

Although skincare should always be a priority over makeup, it’s even more true in the spring and summer. Many people tend to go lighter with their makeup, or to not wear any face makeup at all to let their skin breathe. So that’s when you want to give a lot of extra attention to your skin, because although makeup isn’t the best for your skin, it can create a barrier that protects your skin from external damage.  

The Importance of Hydration for your Skin UK TheDrug.Store

Hydration Nation 

Drink more water. With the heat, our bodies will dehydrate quicker than usual, so it’s important you drink more water than usual. It’s obviously not going to solve all your skin issues, but you will definitely see a noticeable difference. 

You also want to hydrate your skin better from the outside in. Give the Bioeffect Hydrogel masks a go! These masks are packed with hyaluronic acid, which is one of the most hydrating ingredients out there. With these masks, your skin will be soaking in all the extra moisture it needs. 

If you like creamy, physical masks more, the Nuori Supreme Moisture Mask would be more suitable for you. The rich creamy consistency is perfect for those with dryer skin. You can apply it for five 5 minutes and wash it off, or you can even leave it on at night for ultimate moisturization. 

Don't Skip the Double Cleanse

Even if you’re not wearing as much face makeup, because of the sweat and oil production, a lot of dirt might accumulate onto your skin, so you want to make sure you’re clearing your skin in the evening. Sometimes we tend to underestimate how much our skin needs to be cleansed. If you go for a double cleanse, you will definitely see a result in your skin within a week or two. Use a micellar water first to remove your makeup and the dirt on your face. Then go in with a face wash to remove the remaining dirt and the micelles that might still be on your skin. 

You also want to make sure you’re exfoliating a few times a week, to have a completely clean slate when you need it. For a gentle physical exfoliant, try the Bioeffect Volcanic Exfoliator. It will gently remove the dead skin on your face and neck, and allow your other products to work better on your skin. 

How to Avoid Sun Damage Spring/Summer 2020 UK TheDrug.Store

Yes to Vitamin D, no to Sun Damage

For most people it’s not a priority during the colder months but in the spring and summer, please wear your SPF! Even if you’re just going outside for a walk, a run or to get a cup of coffee, you’ll be exposed to the sun and even short-term exposure is enough to create skin damage. Too much sun exposure can lead to early signs of aging on your skin, it can also dark spots that will take a long time to heal. As beneficial as it can be for your health, the sun can be quite dangerous for your skin, so you want to make sure you have some type of balance when it comes to exposure. 

If you’re sitting inside, even if you’re just by the window, you also want to think of applying some SPF, because the UV rays are still going through the window. 

A mineral SPF is the better way to go as it is more natural, cleaner and better for your skin. Our favourite one is the Nuori Mineral Defence Sunscreen (SPF 30)

If you can, try to rehydrate your skin once in a while. You might get a few dry patches if you have combination skin, which is never the best. It’s always nice to carry a water mist, especially in the summer. It will refresh you and it will also rehydrate your skin. 

The Importance of Protecting your Eyes UK TheDrug.Store

Protect your Eyes, People

For many people, spring is also allergy season (raise your hand if that’s your case). Which means that your nose is constantly running and your eyes are itching like crazy. Your skin gets really affected by allergies as it gets really dry, sometimes your nose starts peeling from blowing your nose so often. Your eye area is one of the most sensitive areas of your face, so you want to make sure you are giving it the proper care. 

Eye masks are super refreshing and will rehydrate your under eye gently and perfectly. The Bioeffect EGF Eye Mask Treatment will help rehydrate your eyes in two steps. Also, it sounds like a given but make sure you wear sunglasses. They will protect your pupils and then will also keep your eyes from bad allergic reactions.

It's also important to adapt your skincare routine to your skin. Everyone has a different skin type and there are a lot of factors to take into account when it comes to your skin. Just like in wellness, a holistic and personal approach is the best way to figure out what the right skincare products are for you. 

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