The Best Self-Care Gifts to Relax

The Best Self-Care Gifts to Relax

Looking for Something to Help you or your Friends Relax? We've Got you Covered! 

Here we are, Lockdown number 2 has officially started in the UK and for some us it's almost familiar but for others, it's even more stressful than the first one. After thinking that things were getting better and a feeling of things being somewhat normal, it's started again. 

We know how you're feeling, especially with winter being around the corner and seasonal affective disorder about to hit us hard, this winter might feel even worse than other ones. 

We just launched our gifts and bundles collection, and we feel like this was the best time to do so. As always, we created these bundles in line with our seven pillars of health and what our customers' needs are. 

These bundles are perfect for the upcoming Holiday season and if you don't want to go out and shop, we'll deliver them right at your door. And they're also a great to treat yourself with some skincare products to give yourself a little bit of TLC and take a moment to breathe and unplug from all this chaos. 

Almost everyone is turning into a homebody and when your living space it also turning into your workspace, we tend to feel more stressed because there's no separation anymore. The Spa Night Bundle is the perfect combo of products for the ultimate relaxing evening. These products will help you create the perfect environment to completely relax and unplug from the chaos of the day/week/month/year. 
Sleep is already something we kind of all struggle with. Whether it's the quality of our ZZZs, or having a hard time falling asleep. That's why we put together not one but two bundles to help your or a friend or family member with their sleep. The gem in this kit is the Dodow Sleep Aid Device, think of it as a night-light for adults. This little machine will help you regulate your breathing and help you fall asleep within 20 minutes or so. 
The best part is that you save at least 10% with all of these bundles, so it's the perfect opportunity to try products you've been eyeing for a while! 
Nothing is more relaxing than a candle and aromatherapy. Lighting a candle, burning incense, or even just a wallflower completely changes the mood and the tone of the place where you are. There's something comforting about burning a candle in your space, it makes it immediately cozy. 
MODM Embr Candle will make your home feel like a cottage in the woods or like you're surrounded by nature. It will really make you feel like you're escaping for a little bit! 
This Works Deep Sleep Pillow Spray is their award-winning formula, which will help set the mood and ambiance for a good night's sleep. With a blend of essential oils, this pillow spray is bringing calming aromatherapy straight to your home. With a few sprays on your pillow, the oils will really help you relax and unwind naturally. They also have it in a different sizes, which makes it perfect to either take it with you when you travel back home for the holidays, or if you're packing an overnight bag. 

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