The Best Natural Stress Supplements

The Best Natural Stress Supplements

Been Feeling Stressed Lately? The Solution Might be Here! 

In the past few months, we’ve had a lot of people telling us they were feeling stressed due to the situation, or that they couldn’t sleep well. We totally understand how you might be feeling, there has been a lot of uncertainty and the situation has been weighing everyone down. 

When it comes to stress, as in daily stress, there are many ways to cope with it. You can either do some calming exercises like breathing exercises or meditation… the type of practice that will bring you back to a sense of calm. 

Best Natural Stress Supplements Online UK 2020

How our Day-to-Day Affects our Stress Levels

But even before that, it seems like stress had taken over us all. The way we live and get around makes us feel stressed continuously.  Things add up very quickly and we don’t even have time to catch our breath that we just feel overwhelmed very easily. The times we live have us feeling stressed and worried all the time and it’s the moments of calm that have become rare. And if you’re able to feel calm easily, please let us know what the secret recipe is!  It’s become hard to find a moment of calm and peace among so much chaos. 

You can opt for supplements, which will help you deal with stress on a daily basis. They’re not going to be the answer to your problems, but they can be a great way to start the day feeling better than the night before. Supplements are a good way for you to feel a bit more like yourself with natural ingredients and minerals. They’re the best add-on to your daily wellness routine, for those who simply need a quick boost or a little way to feel a bit more balanced throughout the day. 

In 2020, supplements have become more and more natural with blends inspired by traditional Eastern medicines like Ayurveda. We’re straying away from chemical compounds that we don’t understand or that we wouldn’t be sure of their actual effects on the way we feel. Supplements, especially stress supplements, are packed with adaptogens, which will give your mind more balance. 

The Best Natural Stress Supplements


Ashwagandha is one of the most popular adaptogens you can find in food supplements in the UK. What are adaptogens? As their names say, they will adapt to your body and mind to help you feel calmer. Taking adaptogens can reduce your stress levels, exactly how you need them to. You won’t feel like it’s too strong, or too weak as it will work accordingly with the way you’re feeling. 


5-HTP is one of the biggest supplements in 2020 because it’s perfect to help you get better sleep and to lower your stress levels. Many people like to take 5-htp supplements in the morning and the evening. This ingredient will bring rebalance your energy levels, making you feel less stressed during the day, and making it easier for you to sleep at night! 


Yes, probiotics are meant to target your gut health and microbiome, but by know you’ve probably heard of the gut-brain axis? We often say that the gut is like our second brain because if our gut is unwell, we will feel it in other areas of our health (sleep, stress, skin). Taking probiotics will feed our gut bacteria, to support our gut health and ultimately lower our stress levels. 

Omega 3

For a balanced diet, it’s often recommended to eat healthy fats and fatty fish. Not only is fish oil and omega 3 good for our health and the way our bodies function, it can also give us more balance and regulate our stress levels. 


Turmeric is a supplement/spice that completely took over the wellness and food supplement industry. You can find it in capsules, in creams and even in lattes and different healthy drinks. But how exactly does turmeric work? Is it just a trend? This component of curcumin can help with your body discomforts, which makes it a great add-on for your post-workout regimen. As a daily supplement, taking turmeric can reduce your stress levels.

Also, remember that supplements are not a replacement for treatment or medication. 

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