Best CBD Products for the Morning

Best CBD Products for the Morning

Starting your Day with CBD

CBD is highly loved for its calming effects and is an evening ritual for most CBD users. CBD is actually also great to use in the morning, and no, it will not make you fall asleep. 

We’ve all heard about CBD coffee since we're seeing that many coffee shops in London now offer to drop some CBD oil in your coffee, or turmeric latte or any other drink of choice. Adding some CBD oil is a great way to get your dose of caffeine without feeling like you’re going to bounce off the walls. 

High Quality CBD for the Morning 

Some of our brands actually made their own products to be used specifically in the morning. If capsules are what you’re looking for, we have two options for you. 

Buy MedTerra CBD Good Morning Capsules UK

MedTerra Good Morning Capsules

Each cap contains 25mg of CBD and 50mg of caffeine, which equals to approximately one cup of coffee. These caps will keep you wide awake and composed, they’re the ideal swap for your cup of coffee in the morning. Capsules are also known for being convenient, no need to prepare your coffee or carry it around. 

Buy Infinite CBD Morning Caps UK

Infinite CBD Morning Capsules

These caps are a vegan alternative to the MedTerra Good Morning ones, as they are made with agar agar instead of bovine gelatine. 

Be careful and do not take the capsules past the time you’d usually drink your last cup of coffee otherwise you might have a hard time falling asleep. 

If CBD oil is what you’re looking for, Yuyo Botanics crafted an oil specifically for the morning. Founders Christie and Amanda have a holistic approach in their elaboration process. They organically grow their hemp in Tennessee and add other organic botanicals like ashwagandha, limonene and peppermint to their AM CBD oil. These botanicals will help elevate your mood in a more subtle way than caffeine. 


Buy Lucent Botanicals CBD Energy Mints UK

CBD All-Day Long

Drinking caffeine can be quite aggressive for some people, especially if it’s not a regular thing. If you’d rather have smaller amounts throughout the day, mints are probably the best way to go. The Lucent Botanicals Energy Mints are perfect to do so. They contain 10mg of CBD and are made with green tea extract. Think of it as sipping on your coffee throughout the day, rather than having a cup every 5 to 6 hours.

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